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Comcast "extortion" shows the need to treat broadband as a utility, Reddit's Ohanian said

Alexis Ohanian, startup investor and co-founder of Reddit, lashed out at U.S. broadband policy on Thursday, calling on the FCC to reclassify internet broadband as “the utility we all know it to be.” 309 more words

7 Lessons from the Founder of Reddit at the Art of Entrepreneurship

Last week, I attended the Art of Entrepreneurship conference in Toronto. There were lots of great speakers like Canada’s home décor diva Debbie Travis and social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. 566 more words

The Art Of Entrepreneurship Photos

A guy in a costume, getting the “dirty” out of you while being kind to our planet, Eric Ryan. A guy teaching the $100 Start up and doing work that is fun and meaningful at the same time, who has visited every country in the world, Chris Guillebeau. 160 more words

Do you write for Reddit, Yelp or Facebook? You should own it too...

Most of us do contribute to some sites like this.  We write reviews, post pictures, and make lengthy or funny comments.  We even recruit new users for them by inviting our friends, family, and our co-workers to join them. 657 more words

Access EZ - The story of an almost entrepreneur

In 2011, armed with a bachelors degree in Information Systems, like many a student, I set out on my path to find a job. My first ever proper job out of university was with a startup based in Montreal. 815 more words


Reddit Declares Itself a 'Government'

While government agencies try to intervene in the celebrity hacking crisis by chasing down the responsible black hat, most of the chaos surrounding the “Fappening” has already come and gone. 784 more words

'Mayor of the Internet' Alexis Ohanian Backs Tim Wu's Plans For Tech

It’s one day before the Democratic primary for the governors seat, and the ticket with the strongest tech-based contender has finally unveiled their tech policy platform. 461 more words