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Reddit Declares Itself a 'Government'

While government agencies try to intervene in the celebrity hacking crisis by chasing down the responsible black hat, most of the chaos surrounding the “Fappening” has already come and gone. 784 more words

'Mayor of the Internet' Alexis Ohanian Backs Tim Wu's Plans For Tech

It’s one day before the Democratic primary for the governors seat, and the ticket with the strongest tech-based contender has finally unveiled their tech policy platform. 461 more words

Social Media Video

I enjoyed this video about Social Media. Watch and leave a comment about it :)

Alexis Ohanian

5 essentials for being a successful entrepreneur?

5 essentials for being a successful entrepreneur?

1. determination, like, crazy relentlessness. you have to give LOTS of damns about everything.

2. humility. because everyone has great ideas, but to turn them into something you have to accept that you’ll need to convince EVERYONE to use your new app, or show them your cat photos are worth their time, and generally accept that you’re going to be failing a lot along the way. 230 more words

Alexis Ohanian

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian might be doing a TV series for CNN's sister network HLN (exclusive)

Updated (at 12:10 p.m. PST) to include statements from HLN and Ohanian.

Reddit cofounder and Y-Combinator partner Alexis Ohanian is in discussions with cable news channel HLN to do an original television series, VentureBeat has learned. 312 more words