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John Wick: Movie Review

Add another name to the list of movie characters you don’t want to mess with.

John Wick (Keany Reeves), a retired assassin who recently lost his wife to a lingering illness is trying to move on with his life in peace and quiet, in the company of his wife’s final gift to him, a puppy by the name of Daisy. 505 more words


¡Revenga! - John Wick (2014)

A satisfactory action movie.  This is about a retired hitman (Keanu Reeves), who decides to pick back up the ol’ gun and holster when some no good Russian gangsters rob/assault him one night, stealing his car and killing his dog in the process.  391 more words


John Wick

I love a brooding Keanu Reeves. He’s lost everything he loves and he’s out for revenge in a 3 piece suit, it’s hot stuff. The fight scenes were really cool, I also liked the concept of the hitman/assassin hotel; didn’t get the coin thing but that’s no big deal. 18 more words

Movie Reviews In 140 Characters Or Less

John Wick (2014)

I read really good things about John Wick around Halloween. I tried to go see it with a friend just after Thanksgiving, but since it was playing at the mall, we couldn’t find a parking place within seven miles. 362 more words

Movie Review

John Wick (2014)

An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.


John Wick

“John Wick” es la mejor película basada en un vídeo juego ever, pero claro, no existe el juegito de John Wick. Lo que quiero decir es que toda la premisa y ejecución son calcados de cualquier vídeo juego moderno.  147 more words


John Wick

John Wick (2014)
★ / ★★★★

Contrary to glowing reviews, “John Wick” is a sub-standard action-thriller with a few elements that could have elevated it if the screenplay by Derek Kolstad had elaborated upon them. 564 more words

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