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Loreena McKennit and English Literature

What more enjoyable way to take in English literature than to be able to listen to it?

At least I don’t know most poems as well as I do these: 69 more words

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Topics That Need a Wikipedia Entry: WWI Edition

Wikipedia is the bane of college professors everywhere! I’m sure that many of us have read a student’s course essay that was composed entirely by cobbling together various bits of information from Wikipedia pages.   339 more words

The New York Times

Helen Bullis reviews "The Wine Press," an Anti-War Poem by Alfred Noyes, in the NYTimes on August 9, 1914

A review of the anti-war poem “The Wine Press” by Alfred Noyes appeared in The New York Times on August 9th.  It was reviewed by poet and critic Helen Bullis, who wrote thoughtfully and elegantly about what people were feeling during the opening days of the War and how Noyes’s poem, written before even a hint of the conflict was in the air, accurately conveyed those sentiments.   762 more words

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