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The Stills

* Written for the travel guide, ‘Unveiling Secret Edinburgh’. To preview the guide, please follow the link: http://www.lulu.com/gb/en/shop/ctr-edinburgh-and-julia-dandler-and-layla-ayobi-and-desiree-hens/unveiling-secret-edinburgh/ebook/product-20437586.html

Walk down any street in Edinburgh and you’ll see dozens of people taking photographs.  259 more words


Happy Birthday Man Ray

Today is the 124th birthday of the photographer Man Ray.

NAME: Man Ray
OCCUPATION: Painter, Photographer, Filmmaker
BIRTH DATE: August 27, 1890… 727 more words


If you don’t know Muddy Waters, you don’t know rock and roll. If you don’t know Alfred Stieglitz, you don’t know photography.

Besides being a pretty good photographer in his own right, Stieglitz was majorly responsible for putting photography on par with other forms of art. 449 more words

McGurk On Art

Thinking About Critique - Destroying Ideas or Creating Solutions?

When performing a critique, we often focus on the negative aspects of being critical. A critical eye will discern not only what is not working… 837 more words


How I Came to Photograph Clouds

“I wanted a series of photographs which when seen by Ernest Bloch (the great composer) he would exclaim: Music! Music! Man, why – that is music!” 155 more words

Text as an image

The writing word as text is descriptive. Its purpose is to explain, discover and explore: the writer uses words to connect this thoughts to his audience. 129 more words


Alfred Stieglitz - The Father of Modern Photography

Day 67 of Colourisation Project – July 13

Sixty eight years ago on this day, July 13, in 1946  Alfred Stieglitz, photographer, editor, impresario and publisher passed away.  585 more words