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Cauliflower alfredo & garlic chilli kale

Just when I thought cauliflower couldn’t get any better, I try this recipe… and… mind blown. Is there anything cauliflower can’t do?! This pasta sauce tastes so thick, creamy and decadent that if I hadn’t made it myself I’d have been seriously questioning the fact that it contains no dairy, no eggs and no oil. 260 more words



Can’t think of any lunch ideas? Whether you’re following the AIP diet or not, this easy dish is deliciously healthy. Low carb and good fats; the perfect combination. 142 more words

DIY Projects

The Brief

My brief for this project is to think of and create three possible tasks that I could do that show my skill as a visual designer. 17 more words


Skillet Chicken Alfredo

There is no need to make a mess in the kitchen. With this recipe, all you will need are a cutting board, knife and skillet. Easy to prepare and easy to clean up making more time for you. 161 more words

Spinach Artichoke Alfredo with Shrimp - Origional

Alright, I’ve got an original recipe for you guys today!  I’m not really sure I can call it an original since I recently made spinach artichoke dip AND learned how to make cheese sauce, but since I came up with the idea without looking it up and threw it together without following a recipe, I figure it counts. 503 more words

What's a Roux?

Do you constantly hear of a Roux and think “Well, I’m not sure, what’s a Roux with you”?

A Roux is an equal part of fat (usually butter, olive oil or bacon fat – yes, bacon fat) and flour to create a base for a gravy, soup, or sauce. 452 more words