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The first using alginate and fine plaster to mould my models lips.

The second using wet-clay, carving tools, fine plaster and a mirror so I could see my lips as my lips was what I wanted to recreate due to scrutiny I had received about them in the past… 42 more words

No fuss, no muss. One expert shares his impressions.

Which simple, cost-effective and necessary material can be found at any dental practice? Points if you guessed alginate.

The catch: few can make alginate impressions right the first time. 111 more words


Some weekend bodycasting

I was asked to do two torsos, with the end result in simple plaster, so the subjects can add their own twist of paint effects or whatever they choose.   77 more words


Macbeth's head

So far… this is what has happened.  Took an impression of Derek’s face… took about an hour all told, with pulling his hair back, covering it, covering his lashes and eyebrows with cold cream, wrapping his hair-line with Saran Wrap… then mixing my pre-measured alginate and water, applying the alginate and then several layers of plaster bandages and some burlap.   666 more words

Shannon Fennell

Body Casting Workshop

This week I was inducted on the process of body casting and the different processes and methods of how to cast different parts of the body. 200 more words


Inevitability of Death

Inevitability of Death
Plaster of paris cast of lower jaw and removed tooth.

I am looking into the idea of inevitability of death and the notion of immortality that art creates. 37 more words