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Flexibility. The Trader's Best Friend

Nowadays, with trading volumes down and new clients scarce, brokers are trying all their best tricks – and a few of their worst – in a desperate bid to lock in traders for the longest period of time possible. 509 more words


A Short Biography of Niraj Goel

Niraj has spent more than 28 years doing research and development work for the field of algorithmic trading. With that said, Goel has achieved the status of a veteran and a highly respected individual in the field of technology. 196 more words


Youngest NRI Billionaire – Niraj Goel

Born in 1969, a small town called Nabha in Punjab, Niraj Goel is an Indian businessman based currently in Singapore. He is often titled to be the youngest billionaire from India. 209 more words


The Pros and Cons of Making Investment in Stocks

Terms like bonds, stocks, equities, forex, crude etc. are very commonly heard on news channels especially those providing information of financial markets. Although, we have been hearing these terms for most of our life, but only a few of us can tell the difference between various financial instruments and what differentiates them from one another. 239 more words

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Watch Giuseppe Basile participation at MoneyShow Toronto

Last November Giuseppe Basile, our host in Toronto represented FXStreet at the Toronto MoneyShow.

His presentation “A New Philosophy for Trading Success in Modern Markets… 169 more words

Giuseppe Basile

The Nature of Trading and Investing

You hear various opinions about the markets and the economy from traders and investors and may even wonder what and how exactly they do, what they do. 636 more words

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What Type of Orders Move the Markets These Days

Trading these days is done in real-time with HFT and DMA allowing participants strategically to place multiple Limit orders in various limit order book levels, monitor (in real-time) the progression of their limit orders in the queue, and cancel and replace orders at different levels. 153 more words

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