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Virtues of Imam Ali (AS)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:


No one loves Ali (AS) except faithfuls and no one hates him except hypocrites.



المستدرک حاکم ۳/۱۲۷ صحیح النسائی ۲/۲۷۱ صحیح مسلم ۲/۲۷۱ صحیح الترمذی ۲/۳۰۱ صحیح ابن ماجه ۱۲ مسند احمد ۱/۸۴ الدر المنثور ۷/۵۰۴ تفسیر الطبری ۱۳/۷۲



Virtues of Imam Ali (AS)

Baby Goat Love

“The sea is only the embodiment of a
supernatural and wonderful existence.
It is nothing but love and emotion;
it is the ‘Living Infinite…”
― Jules Verne


To Darn Hot

I cooked today and turned on the oven.

At 10 pm it is still almost 80 degrees in this apt., and I will not be turning on that oven again til after September when it cools down here. 184 more words

Jamie Foxx To Play Mike Tyson In New Movie

Jamie Foxx is going from Annie to Mike Tyson!! TIME is reporting that Foxx is set to star as Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic. 118 more words


England vs. India Third Test: Day Five Update

It only took England the duration of the morning session to take the remaining six wickets and bowl India out for 178. England won the test by 266 runs and this victory levels the series at 1-1 with two tests to go. 215 more words