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Please help me parse this to JSON using java script in Google script

(edited, sorry I was not clear the first time around.)

I pass a variable then check its data type. I expected the data type to be an object (JSON), but it keeps showing as a string. 239 more words


Song: Nevermore

Hold me close, hold me right
Your words surround me as I lay at night
Sweet poison I drink
But your syrup is starting to kill… 123 more words


Jqgrid treegrid scroll to a row by row ID and expand the node if collapsed

Scenario is a Jqgrid treegrid with all nodes loaded, some of them collapsed some of them expanded as a result of user interaction.
Now there is a need to scroll to a specific row based on the row ID, and if the row is inside a collapsed node, then expand the node till row is visible to the user. 14 more words


Ali Recounts Having A Revolution Of The Mind - MUST SEE LOST FOOTAGE


JavaScript required to play AliMindRevolution.

We MadMen have coined the phrase “Revolution of the Mind” to describe the awakening into knowledge of self. 147 more words

Mad On The Street

Hadhrat Khwajah Khwajagan 'Azizan 'Ali Ramitani Rahmatullah 'Alaih

Hadhrat Khwajah Khwajagan ‘Azizan ‘Ali Ramitani Rahmatullah ‘Alaih

Hadhrat Khwajah ‘Azizan ‘Ali Ramitani Rahmatullah ‘Alaih adalah Khalifah kedua kepada Hadhrat Khwajah Khwajagan Mahmud Anjir Faghnawi Rahmatullah ‘Alaih. 1,442 more words


Para Khalifah Hadhrat Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlawi Rahmatullah 'Alaih

Para Khalifah Hadhrat Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlawi Rahmatullah ‘Alaih

Hadhrat Shah Abdullah Ghulam Ali Dehlawi Qadiri Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Rahmatullah ‘Alaih (1156-1240 H) telah melahirkan ramai Para Khalifah Tariqah Naqshbandiyah sebagai timbalannya bagi mengembangkan ajaran Agama Islam dan pengamalan Tariqah Naqshbandiyah ke pelbagai pelosok bahagian dunia yang jauh dan yang dekat, khasnya di benua Hindi. 279 more words


[UIView animateWithDuration animation reseting after changing label text

Here is strange thing,
I am moving UIView position by following code , it was working perfectly in ios7 but in ios8 animation is resetting animation even I am chaning Text of Any label in controller, This really very strange for me… 106 more words