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Semi-Weekly Obsessions #1

If you are like me, you obsess over many things. If you are not like me, you probably still obsess over things! I get so into multiple different things, and it’s so hard to answer when people ask me what music I’m into, what I watch on Youtube, or the new-coming movie that I’m most excited for. 151 more words

Mum Lives Under an Alias. Or Two.

A friend just asked me my mother’s name, and I thought well, that’s a more complicated question than it seems.

You may not have noticed, but the Irish, or those with recent Irish antecedents often have an alias. 469 more words

The Writing Life

Movierob reviews Elektra

The next installment in the Marvel Blogathon comes from Movierob who reviewed Elektra (2005). We will see much more of Movierob as the Marvel Blogathon continues but in the meantime check out  331 more words


Add these to your ~/.bashrc file and then load it with either . ~/.bashrc or source ~/.bashrc.

  Change to a directory, and immediately list it's contents, (with "ls -lAF --group-directories-first"). 115 more words

The Beginning of the End

Wishing emojis on the computer were a thing because introductions without them are soooo 2009. Anyway, I don’t know what brought you here but i both apologize and welcome you to the world of “Lilly.” The whole point of this is to: 163 more words


The Bendis Backlog

You may or may not know this. Despite having been brought up around comics and CCGs, I don’t actually have a lot of comics knowledge. I can tell you the different publishers and most of the big names. 230 more words

Graphic Novels