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johnlink ranks SOME VELVET MORNING (2013)

I’ve been in non-stop play reading mode for the last month as I figure out what the heck I’m going to direct here for the next year or so. 586 more words

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Stags, Movies, and Marriage

*Wipes dust off DVDs and TV remote*

Sooo, yeah. Been absent for almost two months. For the most part, no great reason for that. Been busy but not so busy that I couldn’t have written up a thing or two here and there. 1,478 more words


johnlink ranks STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (2013)

I saw the first STAR TREK reboot in theaters in 2009. I meant to watch that again before seeing this one, but I don’t think it really  mattered. 673 more words

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Benedict Cumberbatch + James McAvoy + Dominic Cooper… Dear me, this movie feels like Christmas! Hahaha. Plus there’s Alice Eve and Mark Gatiss, too.

And remember, this is the movie that made Ben stand out in Mark’s mind when he was casting Sherlock. :)

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Struck n. 15

Neil LaBute è uno dei pochi registi americani dell’ultimo trentennio che non si è fatto fagocitare dalla sempre più stanca e ripetitiva deriva di quello che una volta era il primo cinema del mondo ed ora lo è solo su un piano di fatturato e di industria. 231 more words