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The Museum of Extraordinary Things. Alice Hoffman.

One of the best new releases on bookshelves or Kindle has to be Alice Hoffman’s, The Museum of Extraordinary Things. 364 more words


The Museum of Extraordinary Things (Hoffman)

I’m a sucker for stories that involve circuses, carnivals, sideshows, etc.. Maybe in another life I would have run away with the circus. So even though I was not blown away by¬† 200 more words


Rain Rain

I awoke to tiny, click/clack paws-on-wood-floors and thunder. Roaring mountainous thunder and more rain. It’s coming down in buckets, replete with lightening and it seems the cat and dog of the house do not like thunderstorms. 527 more words

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Book Review: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic is one of those books that lives on the border between fantasy and magical realism. On the one hand, it features magic and names it for what it is — the main characters’ aunts are well-known as witches within their Massachusetts town — but the way in which events unfold, with supernatural events unfolding fluidly, as if they were natural, gives it that surreal feeling that reminds me of Like Water for Chocolate or The Peculiar Sadness of Lemon Cake (both excellent books, by the way). 248 more words

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“Are people drawn to each other because of the stories they carry inside?” – Alice Hoffman, The Ice Queen

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The Pageant of the Bizarre

For some strange reason, I love to read books that deal with the circus, freak shows, carnivals, or side shows. There is something fascinating about an entire culture where the weird and the grotesque are not only acceptable, but expected. 506 more words

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