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The Pageant of the Bizarre

For some strange reason, I love to read books that deal with the circus, freak shows, carnivals, or side shows. There is something fascinating about an entire culture where the weird and the grotesque are not only acceptable, but expected. 506 more words

Geek Love

The Cover Wars

Where we judge the books by their covers and back copy – it’s tough but also a tried and true method for book selection! Join us in the comments and on twitter! 2,019 more words

The Cover Wars

The River King by Alice Hoffman

I started this today. There’s gorgeous phrasing and she writes women beautifully.  She allows for contradictory impulses and agency.  For me she’s a great teacher in that respect.  82 more words

Only The Weak Are Cruel Gentleness Can Only Be Expected From The Strong

I just love this quote!  It says so much about the character of people.  When you see cruel people, recognize that they are weak, like a bully, who in other words is a coward. 13 more words


From A to Z: Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman

Dear Z,

Aquamarine has been a staple of my childhood. My grandmother first read the book to me when I was little and I read it on my own when I couldn’t have been more than ten. 449 more words

Alice Hoffman Seventh Heaven

It’s lovely writing and she captures anxiety and internal conflict well.  I enjoyed The Dove keepers greatly and so far this is an urbane and well observed look at the inner lives of a group of people in a suburb on Long Island in 1959.

Property Of

I know the novelist Alice Hoffman has many devoted readers, although I know only a few.  She has had a long writing career, and an examination of my downstairs bookcases shows I have at least 15 of her adult novels, as well as probably a few more (along with her YA ones), upstairs.  201 more words