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Go Down The Rabbit Hole With PlayMe - On Kickstarter

You’ve fallen down, down the rabbit hole, and this whole thing seems awfully familiar. You see a small table with a box where you expect to see a potion; instead of the familiar bottle with a “Drink Me” tag, the box simply says “PlayMe”. 284 more words


Driven Mad by one game...and having madness return in another

Afternoon to you, friend. This is our first and possibly only chat session today.

Because it’s been more busy and I’m in a bit of a trance due to focus. 391 more words


Amplification in the creative process. #WARNING might lead to the true nature of #reality

Amplification is the 3rd step in developing a creative idea using Jung’s techniques for accessing the unconscious.

  • Stage 1 is intuition – choose an image from a powerful dream or feeling or a response from something in your life.
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Review--It's Wonderland vs. War of the Worlds in "Wild's End"

Review by C.J. Bunce

Wild’s End, a new comic book series from BOOM! Studios, is quite strange and enchanting—it reads like a Masterpiece Theater version of Winnie the Pooh.  292 more words

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Ace of Alice

I'm falling through the looking glass, not really knowing,
 That the world's spinning past and everything's growing,
 There's a rabbit and I gasp for he seems to be glowing,
 Tell's me time's moving too fast and I ought to get going,
 There's a cat that I can't see except his twisting smile,
 And he's been haunting me and hunting me for mile upon mile,
 I keep my mind off that grin but I know I'm in denial,
 Then my head starts to spin and I'm gone for a while,
 Not to my surprise, I find this place is taking it's toll,
 Then before my eyes, I'm crying, losing control,
 Trying to claw at the dirt, falling down the rabbit hole,
 Feeling nothing but hurt and a fear for my soul,
 This is my role, living to entertain,
 Cake and champagne, drinking tea with the insane,
 Smeared against the pain is the smile that I feign,
 It's a colourful country but my colour has drained,
 Turning blue like my lips, like a vein, like the chatter,
 With all of these psychos God knows who's the Mad Hatter,
 A mouse, hare, a man, and I'm guessing the latter,
 Then my images shatter, a woman dressed in red,
 My heart is a tart in her lover's bed,
 Two colours clash and I'm sure I am dead,
 Red royalty laughs and screams "off with her head",
 But I have not sinned, I have not marred,
 I will not be scarred by the Red Queen's guard,
 I am the wind in the houses of card,
 The joker you treated with disregard,
 This land's full of wonder but that wonder is callous,
 I will bring down the blood stained palace,
 Felling diamonds and spades with a purebred malice,
 I win, for I am, the Ace of Alice.

100 Cool Things #49

Dissolve, a stock film footage company, has put together this video using their clips to recreate Hollywood blockbusters. The fun is guessing the movies and working out the references. 22 more words

Sean Fallon

Alice's Adventure in Quantumland by re:surgo

Brilliant UV print from re:surgo.

Unique book, 34 x 25 cm, hard cover, 44 pages, silkscreen, multiple colours + glow in the dark ink.

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