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Today's Art (1st August 2014)

Well, I suddenly realised that I haven’t made a gothic “Alice In Wonderland” painting for a while, so I decided to make one for today :) … 40 more words


Holograms and Illusions

In a way, reality is a hologram, a rather sophisticated and stubborn one, but still just an illusion. There are some theories in science that suggest the reason our brains are so big is that they operate as a kind of hologram generator, projecting our own illusions of what is real onto the world. 646 more words

After the Rain

After the rain, everything seems so alive.

A storm rolled in yesterday morning.
The kind of storm you know will be powerful. You can feel the energy on the wind. 196 more words

The Garden Chapter

Alice in Neverland

For as long as I can remember, Alice in Wonderland has been one of my favorite novels. I’m not even sure why, since it’s made of pure stuff and nonsense, but maybe that is part of its whimsical appeal for me. 391 more words


‘Really,’ said Alice, very much confused, ‘I don’t think—’
‘Then you shouldn’t talk,’ said the Hatter.

-Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland

Chocolate Factory “MAX BRENNER”

Do you love chocolate? If so, I suggest you to try MAX BRENNER. One of my favorite restaurants is MAX BRENNER because it has a unique menu and gives its patrons great enjoyment. 377 more words


Google Hangouts and live stream video

In February next year I mark my 1/2 century on the planet.

I am having a party in the back yard.  :-D

Alice in Wonderland.  Fantasy Dress. 78 more words