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this pain cannot last

alone in the night
black pain my only beacon
make it till morning

* * *

this pain cannot last
when shall we two dance again? 62 more words

Alice Keys MD

our eyes

my eyes rove wide and high
where I find ev’ry cloud
even in the blue sky
drifting smudge at the edge
storms are always coming… 69 more words

Alice Keys MD

it was a poetry reading

Around four yesterday afternoon, for the first time in over a month, I had the crazy impulse to read my poetry out loud to strangers again. 1,138 more words

Alice Keys MD

the festival of the book

“Why don’t you write a blog about this?”

Although I write and publish my thoughts and family life to the world each day, it still startles me to find out that someone knows I’m a writer. 1,120 more words

Alice Keys MD

pay me good

they pay me good
his last words as he
raced down the road

he couldn’t be late
so he sped and hit
the dead end job… 25 more words

Alice Keys MD

tidy tits, the god channel and you can't eat words


she’d been warned off poetry
only thirteen and surprised
to find herself bleeding words

a sensible old woman
with sensible wide flat shoes… 554 more words

Alice Keys MD

gramaw's trailer

little girl went far away
  to stay in gramaw’s trailer
slept on open built-in couch
with cabinets underneath

two-person dinner table
wide brown board hinged on the wall… 153 more words

Alice Keys MD