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cups of soil and hope

Last night I dreamed that I met a pretty blond successful woman. She told me that, long ago when she was my patient, I taught her something important that changed her life. 653 more words

Alice Keys MD

hope moved in

I held my breath
when I knew better.

I let Hope move in
when I knew better.

Hope moved in.

Hope set up shop near that opening in my chest where… 230 more words

Alice Keys MD


used to be a man
a man with a job and wife
and kids miss my kids

used to have a home
job and a car and a wife… 169 more words

Alice Keys MD

empty most of the year

Yesterday morning, I drove across town to take a walk with a new friend. We walked for an hour and a half while she showed me around her part of town. 995 more words

Alice Keys MD

six weeks and counting

Yesterday, I drove Robert to the San Jose airport. He flew almost 3,000 miles to Florida for a job interview. He chases the trail of the wild goose and fishes for the elusive red herring. 744 more words

Alice Keys MD

skin gets in the way


* * *

even when we’re close
you’re too far away from me
skin gets in the way… 44 more words

Alice Keys MD

green denial

When I drove north last weekend, I knew I was close to the Oregon border before I saw the “welcome” sign. The buff-colored, bare boned and rock-strewn hills of northern California became infused with pale lime green. 709 more words

Alice Keys MD