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The body bears the burden : and is the place of healing

One of the legacies of unresolved trauma in my life, and of not having formed a good connection to my natural instincts was that over years, I became disconnected from my body.  1,111 more words


Off the Poetry Shelf: Emma Neale reviews the latest collections of Caoilinn Hughes, Alice Miller and Marty Smith


Gathering Evidence Caoilinn Hughes VUP $28

In densely packed poems bristling with knowledge, Hughes’s first collection shows a gift for delineating the empirical while simultaneously winnowing metaphorical value from it. 1,016 more words


Bewilderment and Wonder

I don’t envy literary editors in the shrinking print industry, no siree. Here is another review of poetry which was commissioned by a magazine, paid for and then fell victim to the passage of time, space constraints, job changes and other mysteries. 1,110 more words

The Sunday Sermon; Dulce et Decorum Est

So it is one hundred years since one group of young working class men was set against another set of working class young men over fields of mud and blood in defense of a treaty that had been signed by rich old men.   546 more words

Listening with my Heart

Attentiveness and empathy are so important and it heals my heart to be around little children with their beautiful openness and inquisitive nature.  I was really sad when visiting my nephew a few months ago to hear his little son saying ,”Dad, Dad, Dad” and being ignored.  859 more words

Letter to Michael

What’s certain is if we can’t occasion the changes we need to make at important developmental turning points, as living, growing beings this becomes psychically enervating, psychologically crippling, especially over time. 861 more words

Child/Human Development

Review: Alice Miller

Alice Miller: The Drama of Being a Child
A review by Erik Lugnet

Man is capable of great evil. And evil breeds depression and unhappiness in whoever it attacks. 449 more words