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Letter to Michael

What’s certain is if we can’t occasion the critical changes we need to make at important developmental turning points, it becomes psychically enervating, especially over time. 390 more words

Alice Miller

Review: Alice Miller

Alice Miller: The Drama of Being a Child
A review by Erik Lugnet

Man is capable of great evil. And evil breeds depression and unhappiness in whoever it attacks. 449 more words

Övergrepp på sanningen - Freuds bortträngning av teorin om "förförelse"...

Jeffrey Massons bok

A. A. Tardieu

Från Jeffrey Moussaieff Massons bok ”The Assault on Truth – Freud’s Suppression of the Seduction Theory”.

Masson skriver på s 5 att det är helt uppenbart att Freud i det tal han höll för The Society for Psychiatry and Neurology i Wien 21 april 1896… 795 more words

Alice Miller

Is the US feminized? A Father's Day blog

This blog is about the branch of feminism that focuses on fathers sharing child care responsibilities, unlike many of my previous blogs on feminism and sexual liberation (see… 582 more words


My novels: The List

I’m putting together a list for a friend so I thought someone else out there may need this also. It’s a list of all the novels / novellas I’ve written so far. 155 more words

SILVER HAWK Warrior Series