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Alice Waters, VP of Slow Food International, Visits UW-Madison

If Alice Waters had written the book Eat, Pray, Love, it would have been called Eat, Teach, Grow.  And it wouldn’t have been about one woman’s personal journey to self-awareness and immersion in Italian cuisine; it would have been about one woman’s mission a) to feed every child in the world and b) to foster a generation dependent on local, organic food. 816 more words

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Tiny Pie

There is an adorable children’s book written by Mark Bailey and Michael Oatman, illustrated by Edward Hemingway called Tiny Pie. 

That little elephant discovers a tiny TV studio inside the walls of her house in which that mouse is hosting a cooking show. 86 more words


Famous Foodies We Love

Within the last few years, the once burgeoning foodie movement has exploded into a phenomenon. As foodie culture expands, unfortunately so do our waistlines. (Bacon, why are you so delicious?! 409 more words



Alice Waters has a wise refrain, “Cook simply, engaging all your senses.” For home cooks bombarded with gadgets, long ingredient lists, and duties far beyond the kitchen, this is hard advice to heed. 268 more words

10 Best School Lunches in America (Slideshow)

A bow to the hardworking people working on school lunch programs across America that made this top 10: Chef Ann Cooper, Alice Waters/Edible Schoolyard Project,and my pal Donna Cavato (along with April Neujean!) who fought mightily to create the New Orleans version right after Katrina, and the many other unsung heroes working to reconfigure this beast in systems large and small, public and private. 10 more words

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Sustainable Food Awareness Projects you’ll want to know more of

Part of the problem of an unsustainable food system is the lack of awareness of the average consumer. Much of this doesn’t necessarily results as a lack of interest; I believe that as consumers we have a natural curiosity, even if it is unconscious, regarding the food that we ingest every single day. 1,186 more words

Sustainable Solutions

Finally... sensible recipe books for somebody like me!

I confess, I have loads of recipe books.  The fashionable (seen on the coffee tables of foodie friends) which contain recipes which take an age to make, let alone to find the ingredients.   169 more words