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If i have a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.


alice, a poem

will you come with me
on strange adventures
nothing restricting us
dreams becoming alive
everything whimsical and peculiar
reality blooming like a flower
leaking off vitality and hope… 10 more words


The pathway of contemplative thought

Lyrics of the day: If I could trust, don’t you think that I’d let you touch me?

My featuring image was taken by yours truly on a particularly nice day last week. 513 more words


Gakuen Alice.

I’m so envious of Natsume and Mikan’s relationship (though we all know it’s unreal), but really, I’m so envious of Mikan! And as I was reading the manga, it’s as if I was falling in love with Natsume too! 83 more words

Thoughts From Within..

Friendly Dissection

Friendly Dissection:

I’ve been (you guessed it) dissecting a pig fetus in my Biology class lately. I wasn’t too fazed by the idea of cutting open a pig fetus until right before the day we had to do it. 146 more words


Title poem

Fractured wonderland

Eleven thousand messages
I’m lost in the thick of it
once just words on a page
now reached a new stage

of understanding… 84 more words