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Throught the looking glass we can see the arrival of the cast and crew of Alice in Gloucester Docks

Alice: first shooting next month

The arrival at Gloucester Docks of the crew and cast of Alice Through the Looking Glass, second episode of the adventures of Alice in Wonderland based on the book written by Lewis Carroll, other Disney production involving Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter… 123 more words

Johnny Depp

True Widows Bite

True Widows Bite:

I was really happy when the announcement of Scarlet Johanson remaining in the new Avengers movie was made. I think it’s cool that her pregnancy didn’t prevent her from continuing to be the sexy red headed assassin. 105 more words


Therapy Session 2

I went to my second session of Therapy today and it went ok. My therapist is called Sam and I really like her. I’ve got to see her again in 11 days. 636 more words

Friends And Relationships

Metal Men: Shattered Sun

Shattered Sun hails from Alice, Texas, and will once again be tearing up the stage at SXSW 2014. But this time it’s a little different for the small town guys as they have a new team supporting them on the road now. 794 more words


April 6, 1865

Thursday, April 6, 1865   Warm and dusty   Great news in camp   despatches came stating the fall of Richmond and Petersburg last Sunday and Monday   25,000 prisoner and 500 guns captured   all right if true   that is if the places were captured  but if the rebs merely evacuated I don’t think it will hurry the thing along any   get order to reduce our knapsacks   no man is allowed to carry more than a rubber and one woolen blanket   I went to town to see if we could express some clothes but met with no success I guess we shall have to throw them away if we go on a very long march  this hot weather   I wrote to Alice


The Case of the Caged Killer: Complete Draft

Ok folks.  It’s done…FINALLY. Well not completely still have edits before it may be submitted for publication. With that said, please check out my completed story of “The Case of The Caged Killer.” I realize you were promised a musical montage at the end, but I ended up nixing the idea from the suggestion of using an opera and giving it a twist instead. 6,880 more words


Alice Wonderland Rabbit ..

Alice in Wonderland alır, ve burada bir kez daha sıranız Alice dünya sığacak şekilde favori kostümler ve aksesuarları seçmek eski asla! O güzel elbiselerini bakar, ama o bile şirin bakmak için yardıma ihtiyacı var. Tavşan dikkat edin!