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The phone rang and echoed throughout the near vacant home. The tune of Another One Bites the Dust by Queen bounced off the walls and reverberates throughout the house. 684 more words




Haha I had so much fun today!! I think that it was the Friday in a while that I didn’t do homework at all. Making/decorating the gingerbread house and listening to all those middle school songs made me feel really happy *u* 33 more words

Blink of an Eye

My latest girl singer crush. This song makes my throat ache. It’s so perfect to listen to when working on the newly developing Miho/Alice relationship. 225 more words


1/30/15 Intro to CS - Opening

Class Objective – Welcome

Class Agenda

  1. Strategic Goals
    1. Learn key programming concepts – classes, methods, properties, objects, program flow, lists
    2. Game & animation programming
    3. ¿App programming?
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Book Reivew - Are you Alice? by Ikumi Katagiri and Ai Nnomiya

Title:  Are you Alice?

Author/Illustrator: Ikumi Katagiri and Ai Nnomiya

Format: Paperback

Published: 2010

Yes, I admit I have a thing and interest in the concept of Alice in Wonderland.  269 more words

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Omg January is almost over!! I forgot to mention yesterday that my dad went to a Tech-fair for his company, and brought home a bunch of goodies: pens, laser pointers, computer wipes, and even a backscratcher (why?!?). 171 more words

Design ideas for the mask

In the time provided i was only able to create one design idea. In this idea i attempt to include as many as the noticable themes seen in D&G as i could as well as similar colour schemes. 34 more words

A: Knowing And Understanding