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Very little Shopping in Paris

I actually bought a very few things in Paris, let’s say it was an “emotional trip”, it was all about walking, observing, breathing, eating and filling my eyes with the beauty all around. 118 more words

Follow the white rabbit.

Kinda got stuck in drawing and had inspiration for another princess. So here’s Alice also.


Welcome to wonderland...!

“I’m late. I’m late, for a very important date… “

Little did I know that this infamous quote would apply more to that days adventures than ever before. 312 more words


Blackmilk's Princesses and Villains Collection

So it’s nearly here! This has been on my mind since they announced it and yes it lived up to my expectation (of course)! AHHH MARIE SKATER DRESS!! 41 more words

Through the Looking Glass

“You are a glass of youth; this night I choose

Deep in your magic labyrinths to stray,

Where rants the Red Queen in her splendid hues… 358 more words


Photoshop Experiments

(Day 3 of Summer School, 02/07/14) A photograph that was taken at Shipley Art Gallery by me of a clock, I have then Photoshopped it and added a quote from Alice in Wonderland.


Review of Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter

Amazon.com (Kindle Edition)/Barnes and Nobles (Nook Edition)/ Kobo/Goodreads

Gena Showalter continues the White Rabbit Chronicles with Through the Zombie Glass. The book picks up shortly where  668 more words