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Again…what did Human Resource do everyday?

“Are you busy?”

I have received this question all the time, everyday.

From the outside, HR looks so so so busy but nobody knows what do they do that makes them all occupied.

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Korean books from Gmarket

Buying books from Gmarket was a breeze. This is why…

One can choose to view the website in English,  which is awesome because Korean websites are usually in Korean. 218 more words

Korean Books

Quote of the Day

“I cannot go back to yesterday. For I was a different person then.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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8th June, 2014

My dear friend,

Some days I feel so much, and other days I feel nothing at all. I am no one special, I am only an ordinary human woman, but the depths of my heart and the catacombs of my mind are trivial to others. 532 more words

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First Draft of "Alice in Wonderland"

After 20 hours workshoping “Alice in Wonderland” from August 19-22, more then 30 students ranging from incoming freshmen to graduated seniors created a very rough draft of “Alice in Wonderland.” 46 more words

Alice in Wonderland Plot points:

Act 1:

Scene 1: Outside a Victorian home (May 4th 1865)

  • Scene opens with servants preparing a long table
  • Alice, Lorina and Edith enter in costumes playing a game.
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Alice in Wonderland Workshops

Devised Work is kind of hot right now, but it’s also not especially well defined, because it seems to be both a method of constructing theatre and an aesthetic that work created through that method tends to adhere to.   367 more words

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