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Hey there Clique fans, Alicia here! Do you remember the Cliquetionary? I do because I was in it, ahb-viously. I was just flipping through it today and totally found an old memory — The Clique Book Title Rejects!!!! 107 more words


Blogger Brunch at The Explorer's Club

{by alicia}–It’s been an interesting summer for us at Wander & Whine. Alexis has been on the prowl for her first house, started a new job, and I’ve left seven years in educational publishing to do the same. 583 more words

The Enjoy Letter – Alicia And Giovanni

Genuine Wedding Wednesday can supply each of you with a distinct source of inspiration. These days, is a total tear jerker and correct inspiration. The value of this video reminds us all why marriage is life-changing and how essential it is to be surrounded with love and support. 11 more words

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Eating in Charleston

{by alicia}–Ohh, you guys. I had this carefully crafted post all written and ready to go, and then my computer decided to crash and ruin everything. 963 more words

Today's crime flash fiction in 100 words


Frail Alicia trudged toward the bus stop. Nearly 14, she looked years younger.

She held her hinged leather case tightly in her arms. Years of practice under her father’s tutelage had made her a virtuoso. 79 more words

Mark S. Bacon

The Really Like Letter- Alicia And Giovanni

True Wedding Wednesday can give each of you with a diverse source of inspiration and today, is a total tear jerker and genuinely an inspirational video. 34 more words

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