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Review: Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction is yet another found-footage movie where everyone is dying or being mind-raped or having their bodies snapped in half, but there is oddly one person who thinks it is still wise to keep filming. 292 more words


Vacation Time (9/20/14 thru 10/4/14)!!!! Yaaaay!

Okay everybody, it’s that time of year for my long awaited VACATION!

Beginning Saturday, September 20, 2014 i’m taking about two weeks off to enjoy the conspiracy-filled world of chemtrails, … 104 more words

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Mirage Men, Disinformation, and The Kernel of Truth

I figured out something important by watching the documentary “Mirage Men” last night. It’s a flick about Richard Doty and company at the Air Force planting fake alien stories in ufology to ferret out Russian spies during the Cold War. 885 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Auntie Doris’s Mysteries of the Unexplained #3: Barney and Betty Hill

Barney and Betty Hill were a nice American couple. They were pillows of their community in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Everyone who knew them liked and respected them. 655 more words


Encounter in Zimbabwe

Twenty years ago this month, on September 14, 1994 e.v., after varying reports of a spectacular meteor shower or, as some witnesses suggested, a burning “capsule”-like craft hurtling across the African sky, 62 schoolchildren in Zimbabwe reported a UFO sighting that would change the world. 327 more words


Duncan O'Finioan: A Real Manchurian Candidate?

Paraphrased from a Project Camelot interview with Duncan O’finioan:

They wanted me because I’m half Native American and half Celtic. The reason is that these two races are more imposed to paranormal or psy-abilities. 3,049 more words

Fall Photo Challenge - Day 1

Fall is in the air! To celebrate, I came up with 30 days of photo challenges. I’ll try to play with light, context, and more. This one is called ‘Spooky Storytelling’. 156 more words

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