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Writing about the Alien Agenda is heavy, and sometimes it is difficult because of the spiritual battle. That’s why I wrote the post about my visit to the Nevada Test Site and Area 51 in a lighthearted way. 1,432 more words

Alien Delusion

A Montauk Monster Video Review, New Project & Next Summer's Thriller

I’ve now seen the coolest review of THE MONTAUK MONSTER. I want to give a big shout out – and thank you – to Erik Smith and his Low Budget Review Show (love the name!). 335 more words

Hunter Shea

Dr. Steven Greer - Third Phase of Moon Interview, July 25, 2014


Published July 25, 2014  by Blake Cousins.

Excellent interview (1.5 hours).  First time I have heard Dr. Greer go public with a lot of this information.   850 more words

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If your loved one was abducted by aliens...

Imagine if someone you love with all your heart was abducted by aliens. Or faeries. And taken another galaxy. Or the underworld.

And imagine a changeling was left in your loved one’s place. 459 more words

What's in the past....

Stays in the past, right?  Well, sometimes it percolates to the surface.  Especially if someone loves it and won’t let it die. Seems like our memories are the last link to something real.   562 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac: Drop Your Pants and Say Ah

August 20, 1976

The Allagash incident was the Big Daddy of alien abductions, celebrated not only by UFO groupies but on television’s Unsolved Mysteries (and we all know As Seen on TV is the ultimate bona fides). 478 more words


(free) Sci-Fi Novel Serialization: Free Radicals -- Chapter 3

We’re serializing Zeke Teflon’s entire science fiction novel,  Free Radicals: A Novel of Utopia and Dystopia, in daily installments.  We posted Chapter 1 on August 17.   2,628 more words

Science Fiction