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I had woken from that strange dream only to discover it had come true: I had been captured by aliens and was now the featured display at an alien zoo.

Good god, I should not have marathoned the X-Files followed by The Twilight Zone, I thought in a half-asleep stupor. Alien abduction? Being tossed in a cage? 789 more words

365 Day Challenge

Aliens Communicate With Clicking Sounds

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Aliens do speak. They talk just like you and me. Well, maybe not exactly like us, but they do communicate. While it has been widely reported that aliens have visited us and that telepathy is the preferred manner with which they ‘talk,’ there are many incidences where humans report aliens ‘speaking’ in clicks. 679 more words

Deborah Kauflin

Whatever Happened to Orion Williamson?

For starters, no one is even sure there actually WAS an “Orion Williamson.” In the bygone days of the mid-1800’s, newspaper “stringers” often made up outlandish tales as hoaxes to bump up the circulation of their papers. 641 more words


Golfer Robert Allenby comes clean on Honolulu abduction story

After being criticized by the media for inconsistencies in his story, pro golfer Robert Allenby has come clean with what he says is the real story of what happened at Honolulu’s Amuse Wine Bar. 224 more words

Book Review: "The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen" by Tyranny Of Tradition

I just spent two full days with a book that I had to fight to put down, namely the autobiography “The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen”. 187 more words

Alien Rejects

Let’s say that you are the member of an advanced alien civilization. Does that automatically make you intelligent and responsible and capable of nothing but goodwill? 1,649 more words


Giveaway: "In Joubin's Head" by Justin Key

Greetings and salutations!

To celebrate the release of our latest title in our Shorties series, “In Joubin’s Head” by Justin Key (release date January 13th), we’re having a giveaway. 63 more words