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Comet 67P - An Alien Spaceship? Conspiracies Abound...

Well, here we go again.

Mankind sends yet another delicate instrument on a long journey into the inky universe for an encounter of the scientific kind with a Celestial Body. 91 more words


What I Wish I Could Tell You

We’ve met quite a few new acquaintances since we’ve been here in Colorado. Our conversations with new friends unfold in the typical fashion:

What do you do for a living? 668 more words

Alien Abduction

Were the Grays Given Permission by a United States President to Abduct Humans?

United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Space Aliens according to Col. Phillip Corso who served under him. He’s not the only proponent of the fact that aliens met with Eisenhower. 309 more words


What Do You Believe?

I stumbled across this very interesting infographic today and am wondering what my paranormal friends think of it. Charting beliefs of Americans regarding the paranormal, it shows a very high percentage of persons having a… 45 more words


Compilation of design panels

Little Red Riding Hood interpreted panel story.

Monster Eyes surface design

Panel design…I was thinking about old postage stamps and mail when I did it..

Aliens! surface design panels.

Allergies, Not a Bacteria or Virus Could be the Next Pandemic

Over fifty million people suffer from allergies in the USA, and thousands of new victims of chemical, airborne, and food allergies being reported every year. Could allergies become a pandemic? 367 more words

Alien Abduction