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FALLING SKIES Get Skitterized

Episode 404: “Evolve or Die”

Tom, Dan Weaver, Hal, along with the rest of the escaped humans, are heading for a rendezvous with Cochise and his Volm to learn the location of the children’s camp where Matt Mason is located.  1,119 more words


FALLING SKIES - Freeeeeeedoooooooooom!

Episode 403: “Exodus”

Again this week, the show is primarily focused on the Tom Mason story arc.  The ghetto escape plan continues to germinate as the clock ticks down on the Espheni’s plans to “skitterize” the remaining humans there.  827 more words


People just aint no good

Relatively recently, a few groups of religious, ideological settlers, fleeing persecution in their birth countries, moved into a previously occupied piece of land, killing and pushing out the indigenous population who had inhabited it for a relatively long time. 589 more words

Breakfasts And Booze

FALLING SKIES Has A Cool Rider...

Episode 402, “The Eye”

In the human ghetto, Tom Mason continues his activities as the masked, motorcycle-riding “Ghost”, inspiring others around him and reminding at least this viewer of… 1,094 more words


Defiance (PS3)

2013 yielded a range of licensed video games. Aliens: Colonial Marines and The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts stand out as utter disasters. At the same time, there have been a few surprises. 701 more words

PS3 Games


This is a movie with an awesome sense of entertainment. You have to live during the movie, die with the characters and repeat with the screenplay. 478 more words

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