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Black Hole's "How To Survive An Alien Invasion"

While Solar read her comic book collection, Black Hole wrote a battle-strategy for surviving an alien invasion.

He knew that no one person could stand up to the might of an alien invasion alone, so it became more about how to protect yourself if one should happen. 80 more words


Emergence: Great continuation of the first book!

Emergence (Galactic Empire Wars #2) by Raymond L. Weil
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Aliens have destroyed the Earth. They left behind eighteen million survivors who will never forget what has been done to their world.

518 more words

Attack the Block

She said:
Loved this movie! Aliens invade a South London neighborhood and nobody notices but a gang of boys. They decide to defend their turf against blind aliens with glow-in-the-dark fangs. 256 more words

Alien Invasion

The Plutonian Transport

Space Hunter, Snow, Solar, and Black Hole boarded a Plutonian transport headed for Icetone.  The Lieutenant had taken Sindya the Elemental and Celestia the Sorceress to a nearby maximum security prison. 65 more words


Review - Against the Darkness (Cimmerian Moon #1) by A M Griffin @AMGriffinbooks @xpressoreads

The Blurb

Seventeen year old Sinta Allen has one objective, to get from Tallahassee, Florida to her mother in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Seems simple enough right? 236 more words


Hero Complex Gallery's New Show "INVASION" Preps Us For The Inevitable Alien Takeover

We know it’s coming.  It’s not a matter of “IF” it’s just a matter of “WHEN?”  Yep, we are talking about the imminent take over of our planet but aliens from outer space.   168 more words


Mr. Freeze Returns To Taron Station

Mr. Freeze boarded Taron Station and watched as the Oops!!!!! Tournament continued.  He noted how one of the players was from Furnuero.  He approached her, thinking of how to express what he wished to say.  84 more words