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Quotable: The War Of The Worlds, "No One Would Have Believed..."


Perhaps the most famous first sentence of any science fiction work ever written.

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* * * * * 205 more words

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Alien Invasion

This week in Mondays Finish The story” the opening sentence is: “Would anyone know if there truly was an alien invasion?”

Would anyone know if there truly was an alien invasion? 117 more words

Flash Fiction

Mondays Finish the Story: Obvious Aliens

Would anyone know if there truly was an alien invasion?

Yes. Because there’d be aliens in the streets. Giant praying mantis looking things eating the heads of policemen. 81 more words


I started reading The 5th Wave (spoiler alert)

I know it’s been out for a year and that it is the first book in a short series by Rick Yancey. I’m on chapter 38 and it only took one chapter to catch my attention. 147 more words

Pipe Clouds

New Len Stone Story out now.

Carly Bede’s bent on solving the mystery of the pipe clouds. When a massive storm threatens, it looks like the Eastern seaboard will end up like Japan and Peru. 40 more words


CRITICAL PATH Pre-Order - Out Now!

Critical Path

Great news Critical fans. Wearmouth & Barnes have released their second book in the best-selling Critical series, Critical Path on pre-order. This novel follows the events of Book 1: Critical Dawn. 183 more words

Critical Series