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Day 106 - Safe landing

I continued this one again but lost abit of faith in it after a while so theres no high res upload but the continued version will be on my Facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/MtHeadArtDesigns

EU blacklist to stop spread of alien species


The European Parliament is voting on a bill to draw up a blacklist to fight invasive alien species such as killer shrimp and Japanese knotweed spreading. 962 more words


Alien Motorcycle

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The Galactic Alliance

This will the start of a series of posts in the form of an encyclopedic entries about a galactic alliance between aliens or something like that based on my previous post… 470 more words


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 10 aprilie 2014

Un martor din orasul  Puerto Vallarta, Mexic, a raportat vizionarea unui OZN în formă de bumerang  care părea să fie lent “alunecand ca gheata plutitoare “ 258 more words


Read Before It’s Removed! RAND Corporation Admits Biblical Nephilim Are Real and the Documentation To Prove It!

The elite have a secret so mystifying, so mind-blowing that they are doing everything they can to keep it under wraps from the public eye. I urge you with everything in me to watch the below video in its entirety. 84 more words

Fallen Angels/Nephilim