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Recoil Gaming Exploits - Alien Isolation Episode 2

Episode 2 sees our friends at Recoil still on route to Comms to make contact with their ship, the Torrens and there’s a very close encounter with the Xeno, also people can be scary too. 18 more words


First Impressions: Aamir Khan's 'pk'

Aamir Khan’s ‘pk’, set to release on December 19, is Bollywood’s most awaited movie of the year. The movie has created a lot of buzz since the release of  its first poster, featuring a nude Aamir Khan, with only a transistor covering his private parts, standing on a railway track, in what looks like a desert. 338 more words


Top 10 Alien Easter Eggs in Video Games! - PBG

If you’re new, Subscribe! → http://tinyurl.com/m3sy8w6 My gameplay channel! → Go here! – http://normalboots.com/ Aliens a…
by State Library and Archives of Florida

4 Films Ruined by Studio Interference - Friday Four

So, earlier this week I discussed the dark side of franchises, and how all that corporate ownership isn’t always a good thing. In that post, I mentioned… 1,069 more words

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Drawtober Day Something: Intergalactic Bartender

I haven’t been keeping up with Drawtober lately, but I have been doing other things! (More pictures to come when those things are complete). But I did manage to get one in the other day- the prompt was Intergalactic Barista or Bartender. 6 more words


Vedic Literature - Vimanas, Flying Machines Of Gods

The video, in this essay, shares depictions of vimanas ( Sanskrit for “aircraft”) from various temples throughout India.

The architectural feature that appears to represent a “UFO” or spaceship is actually called a vimana. 92 more words

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Alien Sage (Redux)

“Surrender your doubt”
the visitor once intoned
“None of this is real”

Click on image to see full-sized:
Alien Sage (Redux) by G A Rosenberg