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Russia Full of Holes .... Update on 'Unknown Field Orifice'

The Moscow Times, contained a second story yesterday on the phenomenon that has the ufology community buzzing. The questions surrounding the event has intensified due to the discovery of a second hole approximately 30 kilometers from the initial find. 130 more words


Demon's Souls & The Tower Of Hate

Just a heads up that this piece will be exploring themes of sexualised violence and rape.

The first time my emboldened knight activated the Archstone of the Tower Queen, I did not know what to expect. 2,789 more words

Game Criticism

SDCC 21014 Preview Night- Chaos Anyone?

I left work at noon to rush down and get my badge for Comic Con.  The line to get the badges wasn’t bad…  It was waiting for the exhibit hall to open that was tough…  A group of us were in the second row and when it was time to go in, chaos ensued…  Security had to scream consistently to not run, which people did NOT listen…  I walked briskly to the FUNKO booth, which was already at capacity.  257 more words

Alien, Fox, and How to Milk a Franchise to Death

Film4 has spent the last few nights working its way through the Alien franchise, up to Alien 3. As much as I loath watching films on television, grouping the films together in their sequential order did give me the opportunity to seriously think about what happened to the franchise. 1,628 more words

The Interstellar Traveler: VOYAGER

Do alien life form exit? Are they intelligent? Do they posses technologies that we never dreamed off? These are some of the questions that would have passed through our mind at least once in a lifetime. 234 more words