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Alienation Royal Front Hub, Polished, 36H

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Sexist Oppression is her Kryptonite

A Review of Faith Erin Hicks’ The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Dark Horse Books, 2013)
By Derek Newman-Stille

The life of Faith Erin Hicks’s comic book superheroine Superhero Girl is marked by identity crises, many of which are inspired by a figure who has become her arch nemesis… and the arch nemesis of many women in fan communities, the man who thinks of women in fandoms as “fake geek girls”. 527 more words

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No, I don’t mean Übermensch, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s “superman,” I mean Ubu, the eponymous star of “Ubu Roi.” the French playwright Alfred Jarry’s absurdist farce. 349 more words

Familial Alienation

Recently, I was speaking with a client who had been talking about feeling ostracized.  When I asked her to elaborate, she said that she felt that her ex-boyfriend was intentionally speaking ill of her to others in an attempt to alienate her.  761 more words

Specters of the Island

A torrent of insecurity pour down

dragging me toward an island

were waves crash upon the shore

washing away dreams

it incandescence sun bleaching any hope… 89 more words


son of un-ku.

called my estranged half-brother. 
(for the record: he's not estranged from me.)

got the number from facebook.

he said: 'can i call you back in five? 14 more words

When is it time for revolutionary politics?

by Philip Ferguson

Don Franks’ critique of Mana’s anti-poverty campaign touched on the contradiction between what seasoned activists in Mana know and what they put forward in practice.  502 more words

Capitalist Ideology