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The Man in the Brown Coat, by Sherwood Anderson

Napoleon went down into a battle riding on a horse.

Alexander went down into a battle riding on a horse.

General Grant got off a horse and walked in a wood. 37 more words


Agent Strange

I once saw a man in black,

standing in the Hague,

opposite to City Hall,

clad in black leather, boots,

pants and overcoat,

wearing black sunglasses, and… 50 more words


How to make friends and influence people (Tales from Luddley-cum-Mogwash, part 2)

My newly acquired status as a forlorn, slightly crazed misfit with a bottle fixation, at last endeared me to the bosom of village life, and I became a prime candidate for Sebastian’s care in the community initiative – a vehicle for him to explore the potential creative diversity among the villagers of Luddley-cum-Mogwash. 229 more words


Siblings and Other Shortfalls

He loved his sister, even as he felt
Embarrassed, sometimes ashamed.
She did not fit–not anywhere;
Had no playbook for the times wherein they lived. 325 more words


Critical Theory Defined: Alienation

Alienation, much like many of the terms used in critical theory, is principally found in the work of Marx. Although made famous by Marx in his economic theories and his critique of the way in which human relations are socially constructed by material conditions produced by capital, the term itself can be seen within a Hegelian context. 700 more words

Critical Theory

Craving and Alienation in Neil Gaiman's "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains"

One of the impressive aspects of Neil Gaiman’s works is how he weaves magical stories that are relevant, cautionary tales for our own time.  Recently, I read… 1,194 more words

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In 1917 Marcel Duchamp said art is what an artist chooses it to be. He said that an art object doesn’t have to fit a culture’s criteria or even be created by the artist; he or she just has to declare it so. 877 more words