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Who is the Monster in "Frankenstein"?

My wife and I were wanting to read a book for Halloween and decided to read Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.  For those of you who have never read the book, it is NOTHING like you might expect from seeing most of the movies supposedly based on the book.  944 more words

Mental Health In The Arts

Happy Mobile People

We have heard so many stories about the social alienation caused by the modern technologies that we take these claims for granted. Yet, there are some minority reports, which take into account what people really feel about them. 187 more words

Lilies without Season

Lilies have no season, but flower sooner or later, as they are deeper or less deep set in the ground: for if they be thrust three fingers only into the earth they will presently bloom, but if they be put six or nine, they come up proportionately later.

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Explorations of Disability, Gender Roles, and the Role of Police in "On Dangerous Ground"

On Friday night, my spouse and I watched a classic film noir, On Dangerous Ground, at the North Carolina Museum of Art. It’s a part of a series that focuses on “unreliable men” who are “[m]ad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know” according to the website. 1,105 more words


[insert title here]

This week’s post ran into a thick wall of depression yesterday. I tried scratching through but gave it up for Never Let Me Go, napping, and lesson planning. 470 more words

Seven Billion

I’m an introvert and a writer, so I spend a lot of time on my own. I value solitude – I even relish it – and yet at some point it starts to bother me. 643 more words

The Big Questions

I am an alienated child.

I am an alienated child, I am sure of myself and the world that I live in, I know what is true and what is not and I have been told many stories about you from the past as well as the present.   570 more words

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