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Exchange: Words, Interests, Humanity

One of the most effective activities that Mr. Summers has ever inflicted upon us is the exchange with the HILT students next door. While this blog is written for my IB Philosophy class, I also have an audience that does not have the context to most of the things I write about, so I feel obligated to provide some. 420 more words

Practicing Philosophy


Up to a point, alienation – not the legal kind – was just a term I heard smart people use while wondering If I’ll ever get to experience it for myself. 298 more words

Creative Non Fiction


Here is my approach to the modest aim of making my alienation authentic.

Facebook reduces "Alienation"

1. Summary

Does Facebook really make you less lonely and more connected? There was a study done that uses 100 students at the University of Arizona for a week. 236 more words


Alienation and your environment.

Think of this a prompt if you need one for your assignment tomorrow to describe your environment…

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, an avante-garde group emerged in Paris called the Situationists. 489 more words


In Idle




I die

I do

I drown

In down

And down

And down again

I fall below

The line

To find

No self

To seek… 33 more words


Hagfish don't speak Spanish

Last week’s post cancelled due to ignorance. It was something on the theme of the temporality of so much here and poverty, then I realized that nearly all I observed about Cofradía could apply to poverty in the US, which lead me to wonder what, if anything, was different and what should my role be in that. 802 more words