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The Armory: My Personal Favorite Weapons

Weapons are a very important part of most games.  Weather it be RPG’s or First Person Shooters things that kill are a necessity.  I have dived deep into my memory to pull out a top five list of my favorite video game weapons. 557 more words


SH Monster Arts Alien Warrior!

In Space…no one can hear you…no, not going to do it…BUT what I am going to do is tell you about one of THE most awesome figures that has graced my shelves…is it perfect? 620 more words


Ep. 4 - Past Expiry I: Alien/Predator/AVP

To download, chestburst… here

This week we get down n dirty with the big three — perhaps the greatest franchise in science-fiction film, a pretty solid franchise, and maybe the worst franchise. 137 more words


Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

For years, the Predators, an alien race of master hunters, have been training to kill all the toughest creatures in the universe, especially the Xenomorphs. After the events of the last film, the Predator infected by the Xenomorphs spawns a new breed of creature: the Predalien. 400 more words


Ep. 3 - Schlock Value: Theme and Form in Predators

To download, lasersight… here

When I saw this movie I was like… I’m gonna hate hating on this. It does everything right except for the actual shit we came for. 83 more words