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#0369: Drake & Alien Arachnid



Drake. Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake. Drake, in case you’re wondering, is a character that does actually appear in the movie… 903 more words


Obstructed by aliens

It is a beautiful, starry night here. I sat outside to watch Owen toss a light-up ball out on the sidewalk in the dark. We were supposed to be inside watching the Royals play in the World Series, but when he came out with the ball, decked out in Royals pajamas, I thought I’d let him go out and toss it around a bit. 231 more words


there's no place to call home

there’s no going back they said
speaking omnisciently from
their holier than thou prophecies

their interstellar ambitions
went far beyond
conceptual matter
went far beyond anything… 60 more words


Securan Lore-Page

It’s the sexy Securans this time round! This is a species fully in control by its females.

Currently in the process of writing a short comedy/drama film, that I plan to film in Bournemouth. 9 more words

Creative Writing

Library Program: Boo! Ha! Ha! - Frozen Enemies

This is a fun program based on book series where you will play games, use new technologies and explore science. Come on Saturday, November 1… 62 more words

Library Programs

Recurring Dreams

By: Onaca Bennett

I’ve always had an incredibly active imagination. My mother tells me, although I can’t remember it myself, that I used to tell her stories about odd men that would come and take me away in the middle of the night. 425 more words

Fall 2014

Just Go!

I don’t have a stop sign between my brain and mouth. Whatever I think kind of falls right out of my head and lands on the floor in front of me. 194 more words