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The Evolution of the Predator (Part 1, Chapter 3)

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Part One: Establishing a Base

Chapter Three

Eventually I drank some water and ate a tomato, spitting the seeds out into a plastic bag. 1,868 more words


Scott's Belated and Obligatory Christmas Blog

Disclaimer:  This blog entry might piss a few people off.  But, to paraphrase the author Christopher Moore in the opening to his classic satirical novel, “ 947 more words

Personal Reflections

ufo's and the alien agenda


My story started when i watched a video by bob lazar explaining the Tech he saw ..

, in the late 80’s, he stated he was reverse engineering UFO tech at area S4 installation in… 278 more words


When Did My Kids Turn Into Aliens?

I’ve been playing with the idea for some time now to right a book about the vast change in my children’s personality when they hit the teen years and beyond. 515 more words


A YEAR UNDERFOOT - entry #123

January 5th, 2034

I split my time between the air base and the radio. There’s not much happening on either end. Though activity at the base has picked up a bit, – still no returning troopers, but the cargo ships are running as per usual and even the royal shuttle has made an appearance. 129 more words

A Musical about ET Contact

For yonks now I’ve wanted to write a musical. And now that I have finished the first draft of my last play I am going to have a break and write a musical about ET contact. 846 more words


The Maker - Christmas Morning

Mining Guild Headquarters—Aolani—Christmas Morning

Emmelia Spenser received a lovely surprise when she woke on Christmas morning. Brett fixed her breakfast and served it to her in bed. 655 more words

Dellani Oakes