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Rule #77: Searching for space aliens

According to Hollywood, alien life forms seem to be a shit-ton smarter than us, so if they want to find us, they’ll find us. I say stop wasting money and resources on trying to find… 259 more words

Scarefest Countdown No. 14: The Hidden

A cross between The Terminator and The Thing and 48 Hours. I almost don’t want to include it as a horror movie given it’s science-fiction roots and classic thriller style. 123 more words


Sydney's emporium. Chapter 6. Part 3.

Through pained eyes that were unused to the natural light of this planet Maverick watched the boot of the snail close. “No… Wait.” There were questions still unanswered. 641 more words

Short Story

Podcast #26: Baywatch Nights with Grant Redmond! (Also Nick Scott)

Holy shit, a new podcast!  On this episode, we finally get around to covering what may be a cursed topic: Baywatch Nights.  Comedian Grant Redmond joins us, with oh so many questions about one of the strangest shows in television history.   27 more words


Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

It is my birthday today :) So every year we choose a film to watch as a family, as a tradition, and this year I chose Edge of Tomorrow! 126 more words


Bypass it

The boy hits another boy because he is different.
The man phones his wife from a bar and tells her
he will be half an hour late home from work. 151 more words


They Mostly Come at Night...Mostly

Aliens is one of my all-time favorite science fiction movies. I decided to bring a bit of that classic into an Infinity scenario with Escape from LV-426.  48 more words