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Hail Mary Jane

Suffer through the haze and sublime.  She is constantly looking toward an answer from these lips to which I am hardly a master. We are sitting in the silence, and stop for a blow job. 84 more words


Sandy Writes: Doctor Who

I was about to post a picture of DOCTOR WHO, but unfortunately, several of the images contain spoilers. I’m still on Season 1 of Doctor Who, and I think I’ve found a new obsession. 407 more words


Extremophiles Under the Sea and in Space

Life can be found everywhere on Earth, even in extreme environments.  The organisms that live here are called extremophiles and rely on things other than oxygen for survival.   243 more words


Slow Down The Violence

The other day, I was on Wikipedia reading some details about Alien: Isolation, a survival horror game in development by Creative Assembly.  This game comes after the colossal failure of Aliens: Colonial Marines, which will no doubt lower people’s expectations.  1,262 more words


Kelly–Hopkinsville Encounter

There is a theory, I’m not sure how well known a theory, but a theory nonetheless, that we didn’t loose our faeries when society modernized. 536 more words


Iran/Snowden tell the World 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America

Now I don’t believe in Aliens visiting Earth, but this story keeps getting sent to me. Read and links at the bottom, I have had this story a while, but the same day Crimea/Russia announce the finding of 7 Pyramids sending out energy and a story of men seeing “Non Human bodies” made me blog. 687 more words

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