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Stop wasting money on outer space

It seems that, far from being short of money, the US is so flush that NASA can spend…actually it doesn’t say here how much, but you can bet it won’t be cheap…on building a telescope to look for aliens. 441 more words

Mad Max is Coming Back, Freaky Alien Art Never Left, and More #Mustreads

Happy Monday!

Here are some of the links Re/code caught up on over the weekend.

  1. Comic-Con is over, which means movie studios are done trying to whip up a certain demographic’s interest in their tentpoles.
  2. 154 more words

'Falling Skies' recap: The lady or the alien?

Season 4 | Episode 6 | “Door Number Three” | Aired July 27, 2014

Maggie and Ben are making out. Check that, Maggie and Ben are making love.  1,921 more words

Mulder, Scully and Marvin the Martian


Mulder ran after the aliens
which abducted his partner Scully
She sat waiting for him in the spaceship
eating a hotdog and cotton candy… 227 more words


The Long Dark Road


The Long Dark Road

The night was cool and rainy. The long dark road flanked by tall trees on both sides. A lone new blue car was racing down the road. 4,542 more words

Aliens: Colonial Marines (PS3)

Yes, folks. Its time for another review of a video game based on a movie franchise. Sure, we know they’re generally bad. Very rare it is when there is a good movie-based title. 603 more words