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Reflection 20: Alignment and the Complexities of Intentional Practice

As I have shared in other posts, I value the concept and four actions associated with Intentional Practice. Of the four quadrants that comprise Intentional Practice—Plan, Align, Evaluate, and Reflect—Align is the most complex, and it comes with baggage; tons and tons of it. 657 more words

RK&A 25

Creativity, Spirit and Alignment

Creativity seems to be popping up everywhere for me at the moment. In my home, in my work, in conversations, in threads on social media. Everywhere. 1,132 more words


Playwrights Foundation

The Playwrights Foundation provides support and connections to those who would like to write a play and have it professionally produced. Here is what the home page for this organization looks like: 403 more words


The heart, the head

Taken from my new page…..



This is a page dedicated to the mental processes, and, learning how to slow them down and bring them into alignment with your true being. 1,088 more words


5 Tips For a Better Wheel Pose

Wheel is the quintessential back bend of yoga. It’s invigorating and keeps the spine strong and supple. As the very beginning of the advanced back bends, Urdhva Dhanurasana is a gateway pose. 225 more words


Tim Crane

The alignment of the text next to the photo on Tim Crane’s page creates symmetry and balances out the page. While there is significant contrast between the title and the rest of the text, there is a large amount of white space in the top left corner of the page, which makes the page look unfinished. 21 more words