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New 'Annie' remake fails to overshadow original

By Peyton Combs

Annie, a classic film that has been around for many years, has been modernized and brought back to the big screen. I’m sure that every ankle biting grade school kid who saw the film at least somewhat enjoyed the over-the-top production, but I can’t deny that watching the new remake saddened my heart. 189 more words


Adaptation #110: We Got Annie

After rolling their eyes through the 1982 Annie, the hosts are pleasantly surprised with the 2014 version. The plot changes, the updated music, and better character development led to an incredibly fun film experience. 201 more words


357 - Annie (2014)

As my primary movie-going companion and I entered the theater to watch the new Annie update, I found myself asking a question that had no yet occurred to me: “why am I seeing this?” I have no connection to the original version, and despite my appreciation for musical theater, I’m hardly a completist. 733 more words


Annie (2014)

Out with the old and in with the new, Will Gluck’s modernisation of Annie makes this obvious from the outset. A red haired, tap-dancing Annie A is replaced by Annie B (Quvenzhane Wallis), who leads the whole classroom in a rousing, interactive body percussion presentation on Roosevelt’s New Deal, a nod to the source material’s Depression setting and continued wealth inequality. 828 more words