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Review: The West Wing

While criticising other people’s work is fun, sometimes you need to take a look at what you yourself are doing and try to fix it. As anyone who reads this blog will probably know, I am long-winded and rambling, nearly all my posts consigned to the category known in comments-speak as “tl; dr”. 1,056 more words


'Mom' Stands Out Among Heart-Heavy Crop of TV Comedies

It’s been a dismal season for freshman comedies on the networks, based on ratings. That’s the industry’s general perception, which is unfortunate, because it overshadows some notable efforts to break the sitcom mold. 598 more words


Review Bad Words

I have been in a slump lately when it has come to ‘writing’ reviews. The thing is I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker or a writer for the longest time, however that desire to do those things wasn’t raging and burning inside me like say Quentin Tarantino. 872 more words

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