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The Pipeline - An Ode to Enbridge and the Northern Gateway

written by Alison Noni Richards (c) 2012


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It's sad to think that 2+ years has gone by since I wrote this. What has changed? Not much. The dangers of invasive pipeline expansions are still valid and relevant. Despite an avalanche of scientific data (which unfortunately isn't reaching the mainstream media/public, and which is being systematically destroyed by our reckless leader,>> Harper) and despite resistance from brave citizens and activists, the bulldozers continue to gobble up our hope of a healthy future. My good friend Gien in South Africa has been working diligently curating and compiling an extensive website with information on pretty much any issue that may be concerning you about the path of humanity. His site offers images, videos, pod casts, articles, charts, and links to references for in depth study on a host of topics. After your read my poem I invite you to visit his site for the scientific information regarding this issue. Peak Oil - http://ingienous.com/?page_id=4536 Stay informed, be part of the solution, be part of the change.