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Misery vs Company

Drowning in a room full of misery

Unspoken presence surrounds me

Wanting relief, my thoughts are silenced

Coming before me, a dark shadow awaits

One for the taken, left for the living… 74 more words



And he sways and he swoons like a bird in paradise. Lost in himself and the joys of this new found escape. No one here. No one there. 133 more words

4 Weeks, Give Or Take

So a long time ago I used to write in this blog. This blog right here. It became super popular. I started it because I was going through some major life changes … quit my job, sold my house, broke up with someone … was feeling quite depressed but managed to turn it all around and become truly happy. 165 more words


ND - Missing woman Sandra Leist walks into sheriff’s office Tuesday

A McKenzie County woman that had been reported missing showed up Tuesday afternoon safely at the law enforcement agency office that had issued the alert on her disappearance.


Is This Thing On?

*looks around*

*blows dust off everything*

*coughs, covers eyes, coughs some more*

Testing, testing…

Hmm. Looks like this thing still works. Let me do some quick remodeling. 67 more words



I made it through my first day back to work and despite only having 2 hours of sleep, I still managed to do my laundry and knit 1.5 hats which will help me get back on track for my craft fair. 29 more words