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God that's good!

I stopped by Abulafia’s Bakery to pick up some zatar pita’s for my flight attendant friend.  This was his third trip to Israel just in the past 9 days and his reaction to the last batch was the inspiration for the title of this piece.   201 more words


Sink or swim, baby.

It’s interesting how places can be as dynamic as people… constantly growing, changing, developing. On Saturday I visited the house where my grandparents lived and where my mother grew up, and where I used to spend time in the summers as a kid. 454 more words


Lessons from Aliyah and Praying for ISIS

This is a story I do not fully understand.  But it comes back to me regularly.  Like this morning when I received a forwarded email from Marcy calling for urgent prayer for the ISIS crisis in the Middle East.   702 more words


Is God Bringing His People Home ??????

“For I will bring them back to their own land that I gave to their fathers. “Behold, I am sending for many fishers, declares the Lord, and they shall catch them. 1,045 more words


Last post for the New Year - for now.

After the spiritual helicopter, I got myself back together just in time to notice that the Torah reading was going to be split up among several people – people chanting the Hebrew, and then people reading the English translation. 588 more words

Jewish Practices

The Real Left Behind: Who, Why and Not What You Think

What you are about to read may be not only in left field, but miles out of the ballpark if you subscribe to any of the popular or even alternate end time scenarios.   1,910 more words


By the Sea

Just after I moved to Tel Aviv in the winter of 2012 I was talking with a friend back in NYC and commented that maybe this whole Aliyah adventure was just a mid-life crisis.   314 more words