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Running Home; a Young Woman's Aliya Story



Eighteen year old Sarah Boldor was hopelessly lost in as unfamiliar a place as one could imagine. Somewhere in the rough forested hills and mazelike trails surrounding the northern Israel town of Tzfat she and her friend Shimrit had become separated from their group of seminary students out for a day hike. 1,186 more words


Our Beloved Netanya

Ever since my wife and I moved here a couple of months ago we felt like Israel is our permanent home. We lived in Efrat for five years. 399 more words

My Beloved Country

Post #1: Introductions

Shalom, which means Hello everybody!

So just a little bit of an introduction and background info on myself if you haven’t checked out the About Me page, the name is Eidan and I am creating this blog in order to record my experience making Aliyah, Drafting into the IDF, and living my life in Israel. 558 more words


Ki Tavo - 5774

Written for Shabbat Parshat Ki Tavo, יח באלול תשע”ד:

This week’s Parsha starts off with the well-known section of the Bikkurim, first fruits. The first few verses constitute the main section of the Pesach Haggadah. 486 more words

Part V: Why they say you need $100K in the bank

One of the things people say to you when you tell them you want to make aliya is “I hope you can afford it, you need at least $100K in the bank”. 1,118 more words

Jewish Education

And in the beginning...

Who Am I?

A question so simple, yet so complex.

First, I’d like to thank you for joining me on my journey. A journey I’ve only just begun, yet the intro of my life seems to be long. 1,099 more words


Song lyrics….which one fits my Aliyah experience so far.

Well  my first thought was “Changes” by David Bowie but I what do I mean by change. Change is defined as to make or become different. 915 more words