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Guns & dogs on the train in Israel

It’s Friday afternoon and I am on the train from Tel Aviv to Akko, in northern Israel, to visit my cousins.  Since it’s the last train before Shabbat it’s packed.  266 more words

Alden Oreck

Loquacious Boulder

~Outside Winterden~

Dreygan is sitting a little ways from the den, looking… well, bored. Every once in a while he tips back his head to sniff at the air or twitches an ear towards a forest sound, but mostly, this evening seems incredibly quiet. 1,906 more words

On Remembrance Day (5/2014)

As I babbled to security at the border, giving some reasons I thought she’d accept about why I was learning Arabic and standard lines about how maybe I would make Aliyah, someday, I noticed her blue יזכור sticker with the red flower – the one I was given to wear this time of year until I was 18. 203 more words

Seize the Power:Special Prayers from the Heart

Seize the Power: Supplicate with All Your Heart

By Ariella Bracha Waldinger

This Shabbat is called Shabbat Mevorchim. This special name is given to any Shabbat that directly precedes the arrival of the new month ( 709 more words



~West of Glasswater Creek, by the Twisting Elm Tree~

Aliyah turns to head in the direction of the shelter.

Chiara turns away as the wolves depart, trying to catch the scent of her squirrel. 1,976 more words

On Cher and the Fossil

~Outside Winterden~

Dreygan is lying with his back against Tempest’s favorite stone, chin on his paws. His ears, however, are up and quite alert, and though he is a little distance from the den entrance, something about his demeanor (and, y’know, the lack of any other Wolves at present) suggests he is on that beloved guard duty. 1,204 more words

Aliyah: The Lift

So, you’re making aliyah, and you’ve decided to send a lift. You pick a 20ft container or a 40ft container, and then you try to figure out how to fill it up. 1,434 more words