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Buy Your Real Estate in Northern Israel

No matter how you look at it–renting or buying–your best deals are in northern Israel. Here in Tveria, you can rent a great 3-room, renovated apartment, with mirpeset, gorgeous views, furnished, near to synagogues and shopping, and easy downhill walk to city center for only 2,000 shekels per month. 377 more words


Have Deck, Will Freeze

We built a deck, and it’s the love of my  life. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but I do love it enough to sit out here with my coffee in the chilly morning even though the couches are soaked! 1,021 more words


"Acharei haChagim" - the return to "normal"

Around the time of the High Holy Days (“the Chagim”) – Rosh Hashanah all the way through til the end of Succot – things sort of grind to a halt. 803 more words


Pretty Women

A fashion house launched a new line with its models of pretty Israeli women soldiers who also serve in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).  On my other blog, I got requests to post pictures of chicks but I answered honestly: “Women?   245 more words


Abortus jalan terakhir, mau enaknya, tidak mau anaknya. Poster karya siswa.

Abortus jalan terakhir, mau enaknya, tidak mau anaknya. Poster karya siswa. Karya Nurul Badriyah, XII IPA, 2014. Dunia ini memang indah, kadang terasa indah, indah itu bisa menjadi bencana ketika tidak melewati janur kuning dengan dasar tahu sama tahu dan dipersatukan oleh bapak dari mempelai perempuan, jika waktunya tiba(umur matang). 66 more words


Meet Me By The River: A Woman's Healing Journey: Ilene Aliyah Alexander

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Meet Me By The River offers Hope in the Darkest hour

Aliyah Alexander shares how one can take even the worst circumstances imaginable and turn them into opportunities for spiritual growth and empowerment…. 187 more words


Savoring Sukkot in Israel


By Ariella Bracha Waldinger

Savoring the joy of Sukkot preparations and the entire holiday experience from start to finish is one of the greatest spiritual pleasures in the world, especially if one lives in… 1,263 more words