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Its all about Balance

Health and wellness is a real passion on mine, (I wouldn’t have this blog if it wasn’t) and those who know me know that I slightly obsessive when it comes to alkalinity (It works people, it works!). 480 more words

Health And Wellness

Find the Top Six Alkaline Foods That Is Good for Your Health

Ever seen what a typical American diet is made of? It is rightfully counted as a deadly one since most of the times the platter will consist of toxic and acid forming foods which consists of artificial sweeteners, refined grains, processed sugars, conventionally produced meats and dairy and more. 414 more words


Basic and Acidic Foods

Thinking, what are basic and acidic foods and how they can affect a persons health? Read on to know about the dangers of high acidic foods and the list of alkaline (basic) and acidic foods. 653 more words

Cancer Treatment

The Birth of the Alkaline Mother

So right now I am sitting in my lounge room, with a cup of my favourite ginger tea after spending the last hour and 45 minutes trying to get my little daughter, Summer to have a nap, thankfully after many renditions of twinkle twinkle little star, she has been asleep for 15 minutes. 910 more words

Health And Wellness

The Alkaline Cure By: Dr. Stephan Domenig

Now don’t be alarmed by the title. I don’t necessarily believe in a cure-all. Anyway, I picked this book up because I have gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach lining due to excess acid. 226 more words