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Earth Day, NASA and Selfies

I was quickly scanning FB and saw this post about NASA wanting us to post a Selfie today , the 22nd for Earth Day. Now that conjures up all sorts of images and got me to laughing. 271 more words

What Is Your Incentive?

Just a thought to get you going. Why do people do most of the things they do? Because they want to and sometimes because they REALLY want to and so they put forth the effort. 945 more words

What Causes Us The Most Problems In Life?

If you had to pick which thing caused you the most problems in life, do you know what it would be? I used to be able to name this, that and the other but one day I read this quote that has forever stuck in my head. 601 more words

Project Allen

Now when I started learning C++ one of the very first things that I wanted to do was make my own AI.  This was mainly due to the fact that I loved the online Ai Cleverbot.   498 more words


We Come Equipped

We are created fully equipped to become our own advocate and our own validating judge of ourselves and yet we continue to use other people to make us feel whole. 329 more words

More Questions and Answers

Oh my, you all can ask some tough questions and I will do my best to answer them as fully as I can. This is not something I normally write on as I do not believe in focusing on what is wrong with me but on what I can do to make life better and on solutions to problems I have with my health. 1,552 more words

Making A Difference In The Lives Of Others

Living up to our potential often becomes this elusive dream that we feel we can never quite reach. Fear of failure, of rejection, of looking stupid, etc keep so many people from finding their “calling” in life. 573 more words