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9/11 Thoughts and Memories

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I have sat here today thinking about 9/11 and remembering how I heard about it. In life there are certain events that will stick with you forever.  922 more words

Put Your Dreams Into Action

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Am I meant to be a writer? I asked myself this many times before I started sharing my writing. And yet, I could not give it up because every day all I could think of was writing….writing poetry, writing novels, writing books. 782 more words

The Love Affair Of The Century

It was truly a beautiful love affair. She was petite and honey blonde and he was tall and dark and handsome. They seemed to fall in love on first glance but it was a doomed affair. 531 more words

Survivor Or Victim?

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Life is constant choices…sometimes every minute, sometimes every hour and definitely every day. And the choice to be a survivor instead of a victim is a choice I make daily. 481 more words

Does The Olive Branch Have Thorns?

Does The Olive Branch Have Thorns?

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I am sure all of us remember from the time we were small children being told to tell someone we were sorry. 838 more words

Birds of A Feather

Life and people is for me all about trust and I want to be someone people can trust. But, people do view us by those we keep around us. 548 more words