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Living In The Present

video by kalebmann98

(I do not own the rights to this video. It is for educational purposes only)

I think sometimes we get lost in “time frames” in our lives. 943 more words

I Shall Pass This Way But Once

One of my very favorite quotes and a belief system that is infused within me. I believe in living the moment and letting others know I love them now. 166 more words

An Oldie But Goodie

I Once Complained……

“I once complained I had no shoes…..until I saw someone who had no feet”

 I love this for it puts things into perspective when we complain. 520 more words

Aspire to Inspire

We all need and want to fill like we have a purpose in life. As I once read, we may not can change the world but we can change our corner of the world even if it is just ourselves. 538 more words

I Made A Thing: LED Sound Thing

Hello, and I made a thing! which isn’t in it of itself that much news but I thought this would be worthy enough to get posted on my blog.   463 more words


Fill Your Heart Up

Ever thought about what you fill up your life with? We go on a trip, we fill up our vehicles with gas. It is already known that we should eat breakfast and fill up our stomachs before starting the day. 487 more words

July 3rd ~ The Warrior's Prayer, Part 2


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Daily Devotional