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Do Not Linger Long

Do Not Linger Long

Do not linger long in the victim garden

The beautiful flowers will start to cry

The colors will run and fade away… 145 more words


Step Into The Silence And Find Serenity

I have often wondered why people seem to fear silence. Perhaps it is that they must face their own thoughts without all the distraction and commotion in the world today. 789 more words

Late Bloomer On The Computer

Technology is a wonderful thing in many ways but it also can be a double-edged sword if we are not careful. It can take over our lives and consume our time. 744 more words


Hi girls!!!

So, I have the opportunity for this so I’m taking it. I had a request earlier a few months ago saying that I should make videos for my blog. 153 more words


Stupid Or Just Passive and Complacent?

Change comes so slowly sometimes but I feel like if we each become the change we want to see in the world in our little corner of the world, then we might see change coming in ripple form. 1,067 more words

♫♫ Billie Jean.....♫♫

No matter how bad things get, it really is ok to find a little humor and to laugh. That has been my philosophy for years and this week was no exception.  318 more words

The ULTIMATE Link Party List!

Hey there! So, I love visiting other blog’s link parties and looking at all the good ideas. Because we just moved, I actually have gotten a lot my decor ideas from parties. 384 more words