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Mmmmm Piiiiiiiiiie

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving is possibly my second most favorite holiday. Yeah I said it! Second!!!! Anyone who knows me well knows my birthday is my absolute favorite holiday of the year!! 587 more words

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Be Thankful

This year’s Thanksgiving is bittersweet as it’s the first without Dad, but also because this was the last holiday we had with him before he passed away so unexpectedly last December. 195 more words

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Dirty Questions...

1) Are you a sexual deviant?
I don’t know what that means. Let me Google it.

…Well, I’ve always wanted to cover myself in chocolate. 145 more words

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being thankful

It is time for Thanksgiving yet again and even though it is not something I celebrate, a public holiday dedicated to giving thanks is my idea of the very best kind of public holiday. 279 more words

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Here & Now

Watching :: Nothing right now. I hardly watch any TV these days, apart from the unmissable Downton Abbey every Thursday night. I wish I had time to watch other shows that are on at the moment (Survivor, The Amazing Race, Masterchef Australia), but I guess I’m too busy. 297 more words


Tuesday ... Prayer and Meditation

Courtesy: WrestlingisBest

With the weather holding steady, it is cold, but not bitter. We are sitting on the plus side at this hour, but temps will fall into negative numbers overnight. 1,229 more words


NaNo Inspiration

It’s the last week of NaNoWriMo, and I am 4000 words away from reaching that most vaunted of goals: 50k in one month. However, these last 4000 words are, apparently, impossible to write. 933 more words

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