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Life Happens

A lot has happened in my life over the past few years- as it has with a lot of people, because um, that’s what life is. 526 more words

All About Me

because when you blog it's never too late to join the Selfiebration

Up until a few days ago, I was quite certain that once again I would not be attending BlogHer even if it is thisclose to me. 318 more words

All About Me

Self Confidence

Hello & Happy Hump Day:)

Today I wanted to get a little bit more personal and not as much makeup and beauty based; today I want to talk about an issue most, if not all of us, deal with: self confidence. 576 more words


Two short letters

@writersbootcamp Day 22 – Letter to my child / childhood self

Letter to childhood self

You lay in the bath under the water for as long as you could. 94 more words

All About Me.

Warning: I'm about to fall apart

I wish I had a sign like this to hold up sometimes.

Maybe I’ll make one.

It’s been one of those weeks. The ones where you are sure your head is going to explode. 488 more words

All About Me

Utter ramblings and … and connections

@Writersbootcamp on Day 21 of a 30 day challenge (but July has 31 days guys!!)

Utter ramblings and … and connections

These little dots, the three dots, that look like so … are called ellipses… 198 more words

All About Me.

Liebster Award

I was nominated by Amy from My Hole in the Head and I am so excited to learn about this cool little award! Thank you! There are a few rules with this award so here we go! 618 more words