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All About Me

Through this blog I am able to illustrate my growth throughout my time here at Washington State University. I have I am excited to showcase my blog by the end of taking Com 210 and have many projects that I can show future employers. 318 more words

All About Me

Get Over Yourself

I am sure all of us have heard this expression, or at least thought it to ourselves in relation to someone we met. I know I have, many times … “ 728 more words

Life Coaching

Welcoming Change.

This will be my third year be at the University of Bridgeport (UB). My journey began in 2012 as a Mass Communications Major with a concentration in Public Relations. 110 more words

All About Me

Me me me!

So I’m Emily! I’m 20 and from Manchester! This is my blog about life and things I’ve liked and loathed!
Single girl, going out enjoying life with the best friends a girl could wish for! 45 more words

I Think I Fucked Up

How awesome of me to have pissed off the one person that I talk to about every thing and who actually gives a dayum about me.  440 more words

All About Me

4:06 am and the clock goes tick-tick-tick Musings

Meditation on sleeping.

Two things.  Being small which I’ll get to another day

the second though a dream snippet, which is what I want to write down. 733 more words


Meet Jethro, my first broken bone

It finally happened. After years of clumsiness, mishaps and accidents, I have finally broken my first bone.

I accidentally slammed my own hand in the car door on Saturday and broke my thumb. 161 more words

All About Me!