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Four more sleeps until Christmas

For the first time in a long time, I’ll be working the week of Christmas. I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Christmas Eve) to make my appearance at the library. 409 more words

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Gak nangis kok..

Aku selalu bilang. Ini gak nangis. Ini netes sendiri. Dan aku masih bisa senyum.. 😂

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Discover Brian 2.0?

LOL. So I HAVE talked about dreams once and even on time with the former being a wikipedia-like post and the latter being, well, one of the only AWESOME posts on this blog ever yet. 1,069 more words


My Last Commute of 2014

I thought it would be quite fitting to update my ‘commuter diaries’ for one last time. Today you see, is in fact my last commute to the office of 2014. 480 more words

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Share Your World 2014, Week 49

Ah yes, another week of great questions from Cee at Cee’s Photography!  I love that she does this every week and can’t wait to see what she does in 2015! 333 more words

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First Baby Picture

My first pre-natal appointment was last Tuesday, December 9th. After the appointment, Jason dropped me off at the lab to do blood work. After he drove away, I saw a sign saying that the lab had moved across town. 729 more words

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Cuyunk, sumpah aku bete banget semester ini. Pengen nangis. Pengen marah. Ya Allah, ada aja cobaannya. Sumpah aku gak kuat lama-lama kayak gini…. Cuyunk….. T^T 😭😭😭😭😭

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