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Any Given Weekend...

On any given weekend, especially in the fall, I can be found screaming at my TV. I tend to scare people because I scream and curse so loudly! 164 more words

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Funny old me

I’ve been feeling a bit strange today… I suppose it could be because of various things to do with the heart… I don’t mean the physical heart but the emotional one. 282 more words

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22 november 2014

Aku kangen kamu. Kalo dibilang aku uda lupa sama kamu, itu bohong. Kalo dibilang aku benci sama kamu, itu bohong. Kalo dibilang aku gak peduli sama kamu, itu bohong. 38 more words

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Miserable Melanie

My crazy aunt and homoscidal cousin are back here living with us again.  My happiness lasted for about a day and a half….

Damn hard day today was. 1,637 more words


Friday ... First Thought Wrong !!!

So it is a little colder tonight. ( -8c w.c. -14c) It was not so bad, without wind in your face. However I chose to layer a little better tonight, than last night. 1,391 more words


#FitFriday - Upper Body Pyramid

I hate lifting weights!  I’m going to come right out and say it!  If I could have my way about things, I would run every day and not do anything else, but I know that to be healthy and fit, I need to tone muscle and give my knees and hips a rest!   132 more words

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Falling in love is a strange concept… You are kind of singling out one person and going, “Yea, you are the one that I was to annoy frequently and whose irritating quirks I will put up with. 908 more words

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