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Yes, this is a Youtube tag. Whatever. :P

1: What are you wearing?

A pair of leggings that are too big, so they’re now pajama leggings, and a too-big vest top covered in pictures of icecream. 900 more words

All About Me

16" x 20" All About Me

Sometimes it is all about you! Give that special someone a keepsake that showcases all their favorites.  Please note, this is made to mimic a chalkboard, but is not a real chalkboard. 41 more words

Share Your World-2014, Week 42

Following up on the last couple weeks and getting the questions from Cee over at Cee’s Photography, here is my installment of Share Your World-2014. 351 more words

All About Me

All About Me

Name: Caitlyne

Were you named after anyone: No

When was the last time you cried: Honestly, like two days ago. I was sitting on the couch and I just started crying. 473 more words

All About Me

I'm Guilty...Are You?

I will admit that I’m guilty. I’m guilty at looking at my phone too much! I’m guilty of spending too much time at night on my iPad. 411 more words

Love & Marriage!

Thankful Thursday (#4)

I’m thankful today for Q, but most importantly, thankful that he is a loving partner who supports me in every endeavor.

I’m also especially thankful today he cooks ( and likes doing it!) It is invaluable to me how much it means to have another person help with meals, especially dinner after a long day when my brain can barely process boiling water. 98 more words

All About Me

All About Me

Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda and I am a recent(ish) university graduate who is trying to navigate the world of grown-ups. In order to keep myself sane while paying back my mountains of student loans, I have become obsessed with subscription boxes, soap companies, and of course candles. 93 more words

All About Me