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Hey dolls..



This is my first blog post so I thought i’d get all close and personal using the all time famous ‘About Me Tag’.. 355 more words

All About Me

The Crazy Monkey Parade You Know

My friend WN has a wonderful mantra/motto for the upcoming school year: Not My Crazy Monkey Parade, and I love what she is encapsulating about drawing boundaries for yourself to try and control how much chaos, drama and tension we invite into our lives. 211 more words

All About Me

T-Rex Ice Bucket Challenge: It's All About ME!!

It’s sad, the ability we have to turn good things into an opportunity for self-promotion. And it seems to me like all of these “Ice Bucket Challenge” videos have turned into just that. 82 more words

All About Me


Happy Friday! Here is what has been going on in my little life recently.

Feeling///sweaty. There is a heat wave so it must mean it is time to move back to college! 157 more words


Max ... It was One of those kind of Days

Courtesy: Rugbysocklad

Sometimes the photo has nothing to do with the days post. I just happen to like it …
So that is a thing … 444 more words


Travel Blogging: What I bought

We are in Winnipeg to see Tom Petty, there’s no doubt about it. But we’ve been having so much fun shopping at all our favourite places here. 128 more words

All About Me

It's a Double take World upon us

        “Say what you really mean, then act with sincerity on what you say”

       We are Living in a World today, that says one thing then does the complete opposite of what they actually said, nobody takes responsibility of their actions anymore, people say one thing to get you completely on their side, then they flip and do the complete opposite, nobody is accountable for anything, some may say they will help you with whatever you need, then when you actually need something, you find yourself all alone in a dog eat dog World, Our Politicians and our Lawyers are prime example of this, all the Lawyers want is your money, they will talk to you and get information that only help them win a case and recieve money, then later they won’t even remember your name, let alone say hi as you walk past them, a Politician will say what you want to hear, so they can get elected and than proceed to forget what got them there and only work on their own agendas,  in a Society of all about me, which we are in now, all of us as Individuals see whats happening and instead of trying to change the way of Society, we proceed to join Society and continue with the way it is, we then get bitter and chat negitively when things happen amongst us out of our control, instead of setting an example to other’s of, it don’t have to be this way, if we all do it correctly. 448 more words