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Chapter 5 Conversational Revision Posted

I have typed up the new ending to Rome and Labriella’s argument in chapter 5, and reposted the chapter as “Touchy Relationship.”

Instead of centering around Rome’s desperation, I have refocused the argument’s resolution around the REAL problem: the definition of a relationship. 150 more words

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I’m finally back from my trip! And I have computer access—hooray!

Wow, so many reviews! I was genuinely (and pleasantly) surprised that so many of you voiced that “ 420 more words

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The Beginning of the Relationship Chapters

I just posted chapter 5, FINALLY! For lack of a better title, I called it “Can’t Touch This.” I almost called it “Sweet Temptation,” but that sounds suspiciously like it could be used for a future chapter… … 108 more words

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Naughty, Naughty

Ohhh I just wrote something really naughty. I wonder if your opinion of Rome will change based on this…? It’s a risk I’ll have to take. 283 more words

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To those of you who haven’t noticed (since I didn’t post it here): Chapter 4 was posted maybe 2 weeks ago, under the title “ 115 more words

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