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The Beginning of the Relationship Chapters

I just posted chapter 5, FINALLY! For lack of a better title, I called it “Can’t Touch This.” I almost called it “Sweet Temptation,” but that sounds suspiciously like it could be used for a future chapter… … 108 more words

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Naughty, Naughty

Ohhh I just wrote something really naughty. I wonder if your opinion of Rome will change based on this…? It’s a risk I’ll have to take. 283 more words

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To those of you who haven’t noticed (since I didn’t post it here): Chapter 4 was posted maybe 2 weeks ago, under the title “ 115 more words

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Thanks for the Reviews!

Wow, thank you for your reviews! It’s been awhile since I got several at one time like that. I have private messaged some of you to respond to your comments, but as I cannot do that with all of you, I will respond to a few of you here. 554 more words

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Chapter 3 Posted

Guess what’s posted?! Chapter 3! It’s called “Not Ideal Man,” in reference to Kitiora’s nickname for Rome (which she came up with last volume). 183 more words

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Winter is Around the Corner

Thank you for being patient! Chapter 2 of volume 2 is now finally posted. :) It’s called “Her Survival.”

The chapter starts out in Rome’s perspective as he goes to reconnect with an acquaintance from last chapter: the woman from the tavern whom he met when he was first trying to figure out whether it was safe for him to send Labriella back to the village after she was almost raped. 299 more words

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