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New Fashion Tumblr - Wolves Den Vintage


A fashion tumblr dedicated to native american influences, hippy jewelry, wizardry, gothic colours and taxidermy. All which are being collected this season for my new home and A/W 15 new style choices.

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Another piece of Dad gone.......

Today we waved goodbye to Dad’s old moped which has been stored in the garage for some twenty years or so. It no longer runs but i found a guy i work with who restores motorbikes and he has taken it away to see what he can do with it. 123 more words

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Writing Conceptual Scopes

Your next line is, “What in the holy balls is that title supposed to mean?”. I may not be Joseph Joestar, but I realize that the title doesn’t exactly make sense on first glance. 2,691 more words

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Educational Thinkers' Hall of Fame - Stephen Brookfield

Stephen Brookfield is widely respected as a leading contemporary thinker in adult education. His academic research and writing is informed by his experience of teaching adults in England, Australia, Canada and the USA. 231 more words

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It’s been a wet day here today so i decided that i would do some research for the book i am going to write. I have spent most of the day re-reading the posts i wrote in my other blogĀ  321 more words

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Deus Ex Machina or Just Convenient?

If you have discussed ongoing stories on forums, you have probably come across the term “Deus Ex Machina” or abbreviated as “DEM”. What exactly does the term mean? 2,364 more words

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Media Recommendations

Hello everyone,

As my first blog, I’d like to talk to you about something important when you look for new things. If you have exhausted your library of video games and would like to buy a new title, what is the first thing you consider? 1,493 more words

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