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Final Destination

I was sitting on a bus when it hit me. We were rolling through the beautiful hills of Rwanda taking in the splendor of God’s creation in between the sporadic conversation with wonderful Kim who was sitting to my left and the unplanned naps that were constantly trying to overtake me as exhaustion was finally hitting my body from the surreal last few weeks of our time in Congo. 663 more words

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The Streets of San Telmo

Everything I had read about San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires was positive, but everything I’d read also said it was a great FLEA market, and I associate flea markets with second-hand clothes and bric-a-brac, which meant I nearly didn’t bother going. 201 more words

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Hainan Gibbons: world's rarest primates

Many primate species around the world are declining in numbers as a result of deforestation and habitat loss. One species in particular, the Hainan Gibbon, happens to be the rarest primate of them all. 688 more words

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African Penguins on endangered list

One of my personal favorite animals of all time has to be the African penguin. Also known as the Black-footed penguin, these feathery little creatures inhabit the southern coast of Africa. 818 more words

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Cleaning The Slate With #DangerDust

Chalkboard Art: Elevated

The air of artistic inspirations can be full of debris from time to time. With so much to choose from, so much to look at, sometimes there’s  little space to breathe. 303 more words


Today's Run.......

Today was a good day for a run. Dragged my bones out of bed feeling good and threw on the running gear, grabbed my water supply and pre-hydrated with a big glass of water. 71 more words

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