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Chapter 3.12 The Penultimate One

Hey there, welcome to another dose of the Mendozas.  There will be an heir poll after this chapter so watch out for that.

So last time I got them a cow plant which I call Seymour, the youngest became kids and most importantly they moved to Lucky Palms. 808 more words


Chapter 3.11 A Change of Scenery

Hi all.  I can’t believe how close christmas is getting.  I still have lots to do.  Decorations went up at the weekend so feeling a bit more in the spirit now. 1,041 more words


Chapter 3.10 We all Scream for Ice Cream

Last time on the Mendoza ISBI, I enjoyed the return of the bedtime story and all the fails that came with it.  CC grew up and Magrat gave birth to triplets… 693 more words


Possibly my First Indentical Twins

This is a little bit of a preview/spoiler for the next chapter but I wanted to share this with you.  The twins (Weetabix and All Bran grow up in the next chapter, this is them after their makeovers. 116 more words

Generation 3

Chapter 3.8 The One with too Many Birthdays

So last time the twins became toddlers, Weetabix was discovered to be a witch and Maya completed her LTW all on her own.

Maya: I’d like to see Melon do that :D… 989 more words


Chapter 3.7 Maybe I could use my magic to make him yellow

I’m back from my trip to London with another instalment of the Mendoza ISBI.  Had a great time in London. Saw Wicked and the poppies at the Tower of London. 766 more words


Chapter 3.6 It's a Bit Seedy but I Like it.

What’s this? I here you gasp, another chapter, so soon? Well you see I am going away next week so I wanted to get another chapter out before then.   789 more words