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German Pilsner: Tasting Notes

After many months of lagering in keg, my June-brewed German Pilsner is very nice. SMaSH in recipe, this hop-forward, session-style lager shines with simplicity. Like its cousin, … 328 more words

Apartment Brewing

Beer Death Match

For someone with not the most refined palate, there is no better way to tease out flavors and attributes than by comparing two beers side by side.  7 more words

brew day: Saison sans Merci

Time is utterly without mercy, fleeting by in blur until there’s just a midden heap of brew days, barbecues, and fishing trips that could have been. 140 more words


Left Nut Brown Ale Brew Day

This past Friday was brew day.  I feel there are 4 emotional stages relating to brew day.

1. Anticipation and excitement:  You’ve forgotten what a pain in the ass the last brew day was and you have all the hope in the world that this brew day will be the best, most smooth, most perfect brew day ever. 289 more words

SumoCitrus III

20 lbs Maris Otter (77%)
3lbs 2 Row (11.5%)
3lbs Caramel Malt (30L) (11.5%)

2 oz Centennial Leaf 11% AA (60 minutes)
2 oz Centennial Leaf 11% AA (50 minutes) 106 more words

Beer Recipes

All grain or malt extract?

I’ve mentioned in the past several times that I would like to go into all grain brewing, as I’ve been using malt extracts (syrup) so far. 212 more words

Beer Ramble

All Grain - Golden Wheat Red IPA

I am out on the patio after a brief rain here in Kingwood, 88 degrees F, 65% humidity and feels like 95! Sweat is dripping and the only effort I am making is flipping the Beef Ribs! 192 more words