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AHB Blog: Getting Back on the Brewing Saddle

Many of my readers may be wondering where I am? No posts in over two weeks, WTF mate! Well, between travels, graduate school and conferences, life has certainly diminished the brewing operations in my apartment. 466 more words

Apartment Brewing

Bourbon and Chips

I introduced 4 oz of heavy toasted American oak chips to 16 oz of Kentucky bourbon.  They will get to know each other for 7 days before being introduced to another friend of mine.  13 more words

Dr Smurto's Golden Ale (how not to do it)

Were to begin…. Everything was, I thought, was running smoothly. I had placed my water in the keggle and was bring the water up to strike temperature. 256 more words


Homebrew Wednesday 37: Liquid Sustenance Farmhouse Pale Ale Brew Day

The story of this beer started back in July when I brewed my Seven Blessings imperial rye saison and purchased 2 vials of The Yeast Bay… 477 more words


Beauty and the Beer

My wonderful girlfriend Erika has been so understanding of my brewing hobby and has gone so far as to show some genuine interest.  We both enjoy craft beers when we are out and about, and she prides herself on how far she has come in appreciating really good beer (she’s a reformed Bud Light drinker).    326 more words

Pale 'n Hoppy - Session English IPA

There’s a style of beer served in the UK that I’ve been searching for for quite some time. It’s cask conditioned, pale in color, low in alcohol (less than 4%), and modestly hopped with American style citrus hops. 745 more words