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English IPA (all-grain)

This is my first 10 gallon batch! I bought a new, larger wort chiller which allows me to boil in my converted keg and chill appropriately. 432 more words


Smoked Rye Porter (all-grain)

In the midst of planning my Spring and Summer brew list, I stumbled upon the idea of a smoked beer. Something to go along with cookouts, bbq, and bonfires that would be delicious and a little different for the time of year.  392 more words


Farmhouse IPA: Tasting Notes

After 2 weeks of fermentation, 5 days of dry hopping, and 2 months of keg conditioning, the Farmhouse IPA is tasting great. Beginning in late spring with the onset of hot Texas weather, I was inspired to make a hop-forward saison-like beer for the summertime. 557 more words

Apartment Brewing

New Brews Coming

Last week I visited my buddy Rick at his residential bar 2B’s. He had just come back from summer vacation and we got a chance to catch up. 218 more words

Extract vs. All-Grain :: exBEERiment Results!

I find it near impossible to objectively identify what makes a beer universally good or bad. A disgusting infected ale to one is a delicious Flemish Red to another, that overly hopped pine tar at the pub is someone else’s favorite IPA. 3,028 more words

Home Brew

In this short video I describe the basics of all grain brewing and talk briefly about a round cooler mash tun and how to make one with a few pricing options. 9 more words


Chocolate Banana Ale - Nothing gone to waste!

Brew of the week: Chocolate Banana Ale

Nothing went to waste on this brew: The Malt was used to fertilize my plum/pear trees and make bread, the spent hops used as mulch for my chili trees, the boiled bananas for jam and the banana peels for cake and the leftover for compost! 74 more words