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American/English Bitter (with homegrown Cascade hops)

This beer used the 3rd runnings from my Imperial Pumpkin ale‘s mash. Also, my Cascade hops were ripe, so I picked a whopping 6 oz of cones and used them all in this batch. 464 more words


Imperial Pumpkin Ale

This batch was batch made for 2014 Oktoberfest – unfortunately I’m just now getting around to posting! I played around with a few ideas for a pumpkin ale. 421 more words


The Kegging Question

Most homebrewers usually start out bottling their batches. And most agree that bottling is a pain in the ass for the most part. Which leads most homebrewers to a point eventually where they ask themselves if it’s time to start kegging. 501 more words

Something is a brewing!

I’d like to talk more about it but the first rule of it is not to talk about it.  Stay tuned.

Beer Brewing

Chocolate Milk Stout Brew Day

I had a decent brew day with Chocolate Milk Stout, with the exception of frying my brew kettle. Luckily I had a spare and salvaged the thermometer, screen, and valve. 109 more words

Up a Kriek (But I've Got A Mash Paddle)

I have a couple of confessions:

1. I lied when I said in a previous post that I wasn’t brewing in December. I had some coriander and orange peel left over so I brewed a half batch of Witty Kitty witbier the day after Christmas. 731 more words

two ways best bitter

Over the Christmas holiday period, I planned a brew of some sorts so I made sure I had bought in ingredients for my best bitter.  However, I also planned to do something a little different with it.  902 more words

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