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Home Brewers R&D Vic Secret - Review

Quite a few moons ago I finally did my first all grain brew, Home Brewers R&D Vic Secret. It was an interesting process and at the end I had some beer. 357 more words


Malt Profile: Melanoidin

Weyermann Malting’s Malanoidin Malt offers an accentuated malt presence. The flavour of this malt has been described as biscuity with a hint of sour dough. It results in improved flavour stability, fullness and rounding of beer colour. 59 more words


Two Year Blogiversary

I wrote my first blog post two years ago today, under the name The Frugal Brewer. I’ve since changed the name and I did take a bit of time off during those two years. 124 more words

my mash tuns - the mk 1 to 3

For the all grain brewer, the mash tun is the main difference in kit when graduating from extract brewing alone.  I started with a pretty standard set up using a picnic cool box.  1,531 more words

All Grain

DIY: Spent Grain Flour

I love recycling. I try to reuse everything I can, keep re-purposing materials over and over again until they are gone. My conversion of a used… 1,222 more words


Big Mane

My last brew day until November took place last Friday Oct. 10.  I also bottled Amy’s Straight “A”le and The Sleeper Imperial Stout.  Next up was an IPA that I had originally named EvilEyePA.  159 more words

The 4 Keys to Brewing Success

One:  Go all grain.

If you’re serious about brewing you might as well go all in and get what you need to go all grain.    859 more words