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All in a Day's Work

By Alejandro Toledo

With around 487 million workers, and 94% of these subsisting in a range of jobs in the informal sector, India has a large range of unorganized jobs, from a pushcart vendor in Ladakh to a home-based blacksmith in Rajasthan; most of these jobs generate low income and generally only provide enough for the families basic needs. 181 more words

Photography On Assignments

Thankful Thursdays

A wise new friend has coined the phrase Thankful Thursdays to remind herself and her Facebook group to pause and experience gratitude, at least on this designated day of the week. 174 more words

From The Ground Up

Bee and Lavatera clementii rosea

It’s exercise time

Look I can stand on my head!

All in a day’s work

day's work

Trying to look busy is all in a day’s work.



 G’Day Mob,

I have spent a few days stripping – the money is terrible but at least I don’t have to think too much ……

Farm Life

Can Grazing Animals Save the World?

G’Day Mob,

For the last couple of weeks you have joined me as we look at droving in northern New South Wales. This post I want to share the work of Alan Savory and his theories on how grazing animals can save the world.

All In A Day's Work