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Icona Pop

Icona Pop es un dúo sueco de synthpop con influencias del electro house, dubstep, e indie pop. Se formó en 2010 y está conformado por Aino Jawo y Caroline Hjelt. 357 more words


Mighty Joe Fraser

When I look through
red and white glasses
I’ll fly down
and land on crayon trees
and ice cream rivers pull
me forward until the fat… 75 more words

The Little Black Dress

Even after an all-nighter, that LBD will be ready to go when you are.

Still looking fabulous, doing you justice.

Being your wingman.

Clean, sparkling, good as a brand new purchase but will all the comfort of an old friend. 7 more words


An urge to drive all day and night,
Uncurl your stomach that is wound so tight,
Clear your head as the sun does set,
Empty paddocks float moments of when we met. 31 more words


Signs // Bassface EP

This is a pretty much perfect offering via Mischa Glitter of Signs. So many artists stretch themselves to make an LP where about half the songs are phoned in, but Signs focuses like a laser and delivers on 7 nearly perfect anthems. 53 more words


Turn of Events

Well, I didn’t quite stick to my exercise plan but I did burn calories – a lot, actually. I was meant to do 1 hour of dancing, 2 hours of stretching and 8 hours of walking annnnddd I did 12 MINUTES of dancing, 1 hour and 40 minutes of stretching and a very poor 37 minutes of walking. 226 more words

Late Night/Early Morning Talk