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2014 Blog 210: Day 4 of 9 - Yellowstone

We started exploring the yellowstone park today by cruising its upper loop. In this loop, we gave attention to its Grand Canyon and its Mammoth Hot Spring. 135 more words

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2014 Blog 209: Day 3 of 9: Are We There Yet?

So after about a thousand kilometers away from home, we decided to make time to stop for shopping this morning. This stop was not originally in today’s plan but the excitement ti shop overruled what might be the effect on our schedule. 122 more words

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2014 Blog 208: Day 2 - To Kalispel

We entered the State of Montana this morning! It was first for me. We headed straight to the Rising Sun Road. It is a scenic ride through the other american side of the glaciers. 115 more words

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2014 Blog 206: Packed and Ready

I have been busy the whole day, from work and from home.  Nevertheless, we are all set. Ready to go. Our road trip starts tomorrow.  There shall be 20 people in this road trip.   82 more words

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2014 Blog 205: Family Road Trip Checklist

Let me think. What are the top things I need to prepare for a 9 day road trip?   Hmmm.   When we pack and when we include the just in case stuff, we tend to end up bringing too much.   104 more words

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Your muscles and your karate training

Get Tons Of Great Suggestions Here About Karate Muscle Building. To build sculpted, defined muscle requires a little mental effort. It’s vital that you obtain as much knowledge as possible about the most effective means to build lean muscle for taekwondo, if you’re to reach ultimate success. 272 more words

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2014 Blog 204: Rundle

In our recent stay at Canmore, we opted staying at Rundle Mountain Lodge.  It was the cheapest available that we can get at that time.  I think it was an okay place to stay.  109 more words

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