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Characteristics Of A Woman Of Quality

Jades an All or Nothing person.
Shes one of my closest friends, but that’s not why I love this girl so much!
She’s set-focused, knows what she wants and she doesn’t mind losing a few friends if she has to and because  of this I respect her! 193 more words

Concert 2NE1 Galaxy Stage in Việt Nam 10/8

Sau những thông tin phông phanh về concert của 2NE1 tại Việt Nam vào tháng 8 này. Thì hôm nay 15/7, YG Entertainment đã chính thức đưa ra những thông báo về concert này. 499 more words

Marc and Angel Hack Life

I have found this wonderful website called ‘Marc and Angel Hack Life‘.  It is a website about life.  There are plenty of them about but I find this one particularly insightful.  48 more words


Character Blog Tour

Stuart Keane, author of the upcoming novel All or Nothing recently asked me to take part in a Character Blog Tour which of course I agreed to, so stay tuned and below I shall answer a few questions about a character from one of my works. 1,938 more words