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GRWS Ep. 7 "Nether Regions"

DOWNLOAD: GRWS Ep. 7 “Nether Regions”

This week we discuss David Letterman, Miley’s puppy, Willie’s Mascot, Oregon’s Cat, and what a rest stop has to do with Phil Collins. Enjoy!

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Zerbinator Land on YouTube...

Now you can watch/listen to some of the shows on YouTube at my Zerbinator Land Channel.  I will post some of the goodens up there along with any other visual goodies I can think of. 12 more words

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GRWS Ep. 6 "Mental Institution"

DOWNLOAD: GRWS Ep. 6 “Mental Institution”

This week we discuss Gwyneth Paltrow, Taco Bell Breakfast, Teenage Mutants, lotto winners, baked goods ghosts, and spanking bank tellers… and mental institutional ghosts. 12 more words

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GRWS Ep. 5 "Been A While"

DOWNLOAD: GRWS Ep. 5 “Been A While”

It has been a while. This week we discuss Kim and Kanye, Podiatry and Wal-Mart, Iran and boats, Lady Ga BLYYAHHHH, and a bit about the Oscars. Enjoy!!

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