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Tired Old Man

based on ‘Philosopher with an Open Book’ by Rembrandt van Rijn

Bright rays,
barred by dust caked panes,
become a sickly shade-
dim shadows of former light. 64 more words


A Brief Biography of Playing the Piano

I quit being tested after completing ‘Level Four’, as it were, with distinction. I was young and pushed by parents, about four or so, when it all began, and my first teacher was not a kind man; he yelled each time I got it wrong, no matter what ‘It’ was. 503 more words



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3.31.14 - Psalm

Psalm developing from my latest set at Pihop (my last regularly rotated set, for the time being):

We are His rose of Sharon

A crown of glory in the hand of our King… 42 more words

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I couldn’t reach the paper
so it erupted from my mind
and it all came out my mouth,
spoke it to myself and the wind… 8 more words


Convenient Store

Don’t be the person who is just


When you have so much more in store
If things never


The dollar is what you should look for, 34 more words

Coffee Table

The coffee table is the motte-and-bailey
of the bourgeoisie, the occupation its space
in the geometries of possession, itself
possessed by the great wrought eye, the… 347 more words