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21 Day Workout: Day 10

Ah, back again for more?

These workouts are intended to be quick and strong bursts of energy such as Crossfit or HIIT style workout. They should leave you tired and probably winded, but gasping for air on the brink of death means you might have taken it a little too far (a little time to catch your breath is ok, but listen to your body). 111 more words

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Managing remote working for success

In today’s world of modern technology – tablets, mobile phones and laptops – remote working has become more commonplace.  You may already have staff working remotely or you may be considering introducing this way of working into your business.   111 more words

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How About A Little Expressionism? Thick Paint & Opinions Ahead!

Expressionist painters are intriguing to me. Part genius, part idiocy, their work may just be the most hotly contested of the ‘fine art’ genres.

An expressionist painting can connect with a person, as if calling out directly to their soul. 139 more words

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Kirsten and Chrissa's Picnic

“Oh Chrissa, thank you so much for inviting me to this picnic. It’s too beautiful a day to be spent indoors.”

“Yes Kirsten, the weather’s impeccable. 378 more words

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The Solution To The Garbage Problem Is In Our Hands

If a garbage problem exists in Bangalore it is only because we as citizens have not taken it as our responsibility to manage the waste that we generate. 381 more words

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BOOK REVIEW: The Red Queen

oh God the narrator was one psychotic saint wannabe!

honestly i was never a fan of first-point-of-view books because the account tends to be biased and not everybody is portrayed the way they should be. 280 more words

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