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Mango Ice Cream

Few years back Ice cream used to be a standard dessert at home. The recipe I followed back then had ingredients like GMS etc. Once we moved to some remote location, where such ingredients were unheard of, I stopped making. 223 more words

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Strawberry Basil Ice Pops

Do you have extra strawberries hanging around in the freezer? How about some extra basil? Well, here’s a seasonal summer ice pop will get you through even the hottest of days. 56 more words

Nathan Lyon

The Tranquil Puppy's Tea

The little white dog hates thunder.  Hate isn’t exactly the word.  He’s terrified by thunder.  And fire-crackers.

Thunder was a bigger deal when we lived in Tornado Alley.  876 more words

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This is another recipe Mum found in the Woman’s Day, it’s similar to the Easy Picnic Slice, but would be best served hot with salad at home.

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Mum cut this recipe out of the Woman’s Day. It would make a great hot lunch dish as well as being easy to transport to a picnic or when you have to take something to share with family and friends.

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In the 1970s there was a craze for people to make their own liqueurs. I’m not sure that Mum ever made any of these as she didn’t drink all that much but these sweeter liqueurs may have appealed to her. 60 more words

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Soup has always been a family favourite with us. In the early days Mum made soup using soup bones from the butcher to which she would add lots of vegetables – onions, carrots, celery, turnips and whatever else she had on hand. 94 more words

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