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All Talk, No Listen

I risked it, I know…
Letting you into my life’s flow.

I wanted you here for your support
but all I got was a bad retort. 214 more words

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So Friday was an interesting day. Driving to work, the cars in front of me suddenly stopped. I figured there must have been an accident, so I got out of my car with a fair sense of trepidation over the possibility of being expected to do something about it. 378 more words

All Talk

You want a piece of me?

Not really posting a huge amount these days- now that I’m in the world of work I don’t know what really to write! I feel like my hands are tied by the old oaths of confidentiality and the line in the sand that I’ve drawn is pretty strict with regards to what I talk about outside the hospital. 421 more words

All Talk


Life’s going quite well in Norn Iron at the minute: job not too stressful, plans happening with my friends and I’ve even been getting a few random stat days off! 181 more words

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On how life is

So it’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here. Sorry, to my many thousands of adoring fans. Maaaaaay be a bit of a mammoth post. 708 more words

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