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Life’s going quite well in Norn Iron at the minute: job not too stressful, plans happening with my friends and I’ve even been getting a few random stat days off! 181 more words

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On how life is

So it’s been a long while since I’ve posted on here. Sorry, to my many thousands of adoring fans. Maaaaaay be a bit of a mammoth post. 708 more words

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All Talk..

I love to love. I am caring and compassionate about humanity, irrespective of the so called ‘social class’ which I actually don’t believe in; for we are all equal in God’s eyes. 179 more words


omg I forgot to say


Like a 12 hour shift; don’t finish until 9pm.


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Doctor doctor

So I’ve finished the first two weeks of the rest of my life! No more student days for this one. (The lazy person inside of me is crying) 325 more words

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