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I ain't sayin I'm a gold digger

As the saying goes, money makes the world go round. As a student then, my world tends to find spinning really difficult. In my last few years of medical school, the student loan people decided what would be… 511 more words

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Bucket list

After having gotten into the NI foundation school, we were presented with a list of jobs to rank, choosing which ones we’d prefer to do when we start work. 400 more words

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All Talk.

I can be arguing with an unreasonable person about what my tweet a week ago really meant.

I can be making small talk about the weather. 239 more words


Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it

So hopefully you got my text with my new number, and so know I have a new phone! While Kevin and his Snake-playing-capabilities have certainly served me well, when Plato offered me his old iPhone once his contract ran out I kinda jumped at the opportunity. 309 more words

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A new mask


I’ve started a new placement, and am trying to immerse myself in surgical knowledge- my plan is to learn as much as I can and be efficient so I can focus on learning/revising everything else for the exams in June. 365 more words

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Standing Ovations

As I arose onto myself
To feel for another day,
I noticed most peculiar thing:
For in my right hand sat
The Death of all things… 25 more words

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Sat outside in the sun this morning for a while, nominally reading a book but in reality working on my sunburn. I love the change of seasons, with the things you’d forgotten about in the past year; today it was the feeling of a hot forehead when you’ve been out for too long, and the smells of barbecues and flowers. 500 more words

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