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Here are the basics..

I have always loved to write.. However, I just started a new journal JUST for starting college. Instead of copying those entries on this site, I’m gonna give you the short and sweet version. 194 more words

All The Above

Let me catch you up -- part 2

Unfortunately, I stopped writing in my journal after that entry. Now, I’ll have to wing the most important events that have happened since then. It has been two friggen weeks since I written about this beautiful life I have. 1,476 more words

All The Above

Let me catch you up.. entries from my pen and paper

September 1, 2014

So I totally started this late. I’ve never been a person to want a diary, but I guess college has changed my mind. 1,745 more words

All The Above

Christianity Vs Wicca; Similarities, Differences and Misconceptions


Again we are now 4 days away from our beloved Pagan Pride. Correction PAGAN PRIDE HAS PASSED!. As I have said I have recently acquired a new job wherein we were work with kids, and  the like, which is where I met my good friend Aly. 366 more words


An Open Letter To My Real Dad

Dear Dad,

I never knew you. I can’t even remember what you look like. The glimpse of my life you were apart of went by too quickly for me to even have a memory of you. 1,082 more words