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Here are the basics..

I have always loved to write.. However, I just started a new journal JUST for starting college. Instead of copying those entries on this site, I’m gonna give you the short and sweet version. 194 more words


Christianity Vs Wicca; Similarities, Differences and Misconceptions


Again we are now 4 days away from our beloved Pagan Pride. Correction PAGAN PRIDE HAS PASSED!. As I have said I have recently acquired a new job wherein we were work with kids, and  the like, which is where I met my good friend Aly. 366 more words


An Open Letter To My Real Dad

Dear Dad,

I never knew you. I can’t even remember what you look like. The glimpse of my life you were apart of went by too quickly for me to even have a memory of you. 1,082 more words