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Remember Me: Human Revolution, Part 2

Hey! It’s been a long time again! Long enough that the “Remember Me” portion of the title holds a lovely double-meaning. This is where we normally do a little house-keeping and then move on to the article, but there’s way more house-keeping than article this week, so we’re going to do things in the opposite order, and that will make sense in a minute. 3,224 more words

All The Things

Usages For My Time - A Public To-Does List

In the spirit of my last post, I want to write down the activities I want to be pursuing and how much time I want them to take. 576 more words

a little favor ~

Ok so this is my first serious blog that I am keeping. I’m forcing myself to post every day. (even though I can’t even stick to a diet) 97 more words

General news update #1

Hello readers of the interwebs!

In my usual tradition, THE SCORE!

First and foremost i’m still alive! YAY! Secondly I’m back on my meds so mood has stabilized and the world doesn’t feel like its crashing down around me.

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i have done all the things!!!!!!!!! but one...

I found the jewlry from highschool

I found a skirt from highschool that kinda fits

I found one of my fav shirts from back then… 316 more words


What is love? Why do we seek it? I feel like love is the part of our heart that God intentionally left out, not that we can’t feel love or reflect love but we can never muster up all of what love is. 89 more words

All The Things!


Turkey is unreal. I have no words.
We have been here for literally, maximum four hours, and already I am overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people of Istanbul. 438 more words