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Another set of THINGS

Let’s see.

  • Gifts
  • Tree
    • The decoration thereof
  • Cards? Maybe?  New year’s cards, maybe?
  • Lunch
  • Mailing brown paper packages
  • Putting away the things necessary for doing the above…
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Tactless Observations

So Freaking Thankful!

There’s that adage that you see all over Pinterest – or, at least, you do if you spend as much time there as I’m known to do, that says: 640 more words

Wednesday Randomness


One of my friends, took a video of me giving my speech at the start of the eat in. He has kindly shared it with me. 399 more words

All The Things

Prank Update: Toilet Paper Galore

Well, there are a lot of things in progress.

1) 96 rolls of plain toilet paper are supposed to arrive today.  WHERE am I going to put them? 339 more words

Prank Update


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Jessamine Mason Introductions

Jessamine Mason – Volumancer

Trapped. There was no way out, no other way to put it. The word “trapped” spun around in Jessa’s head like a mantra. 209 more words

All The Things!

Traumprinz - All The Things

Hellooooooo, got second copyright strike on my youtube channel, that’s a bad news, people are strange, I wrote so many times to labels artists and whoever representing them to message me and I take down video immediately,  but no they will report video :) (I’m sure other channel owners will relate :D) 52 more words

News: Chrysta Bell

David Lynch and Chrysta Bell are back with a breathtaking new song called ‘All The Things’.

Checked out this appropriately Lynchian and majestic music video, directed by Nicolangelo Gelormini, shot in the Cloister.

New Music