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Torn Over The Evil Within

Oh, hai! I know, I said we’d be talking about Alien: Isolation again, but I just finished The Evil Within. And since there’s very little structure to my release dates, I figured you wouldn’t mind me sneaking in a review in the mean-time. 2,161 more words

All The Things

All The Things I Can't Do

Remember how I said I would be posting less because of NaNoWriMo? That’s definitely how it’s going to be. It’s going to be down to just a Quick Takes every week. 386 more words


Alien: Isolation - A Love Letter

Let’s start with the obvious statement: I love Alien: Isolation. It’s the best Aliens game I can remember playing, and it’s the best survival horror game I’ve played this year. 2,445 more words

All The Things

Mecromage Status: Oct ‘14

Hey folks, we’ve got another monthly update for you. Last September, we decided it was time to solidify the player mechanics so we can start nailing down the hero character animations. 976 more words


Meme Monday 10 - Clockwork Angels

I just used this on my post over on Comparative Geeks. Getting into Warmachine, and at least theoretically for a good cause. Of course, picking up a hobby is yet another way that writing can get interrupted… 82 more words

Comparative Geeks


It’s that time of year again. The beginning of the end. The time when we realize that we have quite possibly seen the last of summer. 624 more words


A proper inaugural post!

I’ve had blog before. Good gravy, as Strongbad says, have I had blogs before. Why haven’t I followed through with them? For the same reason that I still need to finish “The Golden Compass,” “The City and The City,” and the first book of “The Magicians.” 318 more words