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My Declaration on Never Becoming a "Basic Bitch"

In high school, I told myself “I will never judge another person”. Well, that lasted little more than a day. Fact of the matter is, regardless if we want to or not, its human nature to judge the person next to us. 1,348 more words


Gone Hunting

On January 6th, we launched our first Product Hunt exclusive. Here’s what we did, how it worked, and what we learned for next time.

Why Product Hunt? 1,138 more words

All The Things

A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Monday, y’all. This is one of those ‘kitchen sink’ posts, so please bear with me.

I’m finally coming off those cooties and started to feel a lot better until last night. 461 more words


Photo Diary: Reflection

Thanks for reading. If you liked my post hit follow to geek out with me every week! And you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at softlysaturated! 24 more words


Arbitrarily, for 2015

I had all these plans for the blog for the end of the year, for all 12 people who read it. I was going to output my… 389 more words


Gå på tur (go for a walk!) : Norwegian cultural things by an American brought to you by the ALL THE THINGS MEME

Fresh Air: It may be hovering around 30 degrees and dark but, no one here seems to use long, winter, nights as an excuse! Going for a walk might as well be the national sport (or is it skiing? 320 more words


NYE... "Makeup of the Day"

I didn’t  have time to shoot my whole New Year’s Eve outfit, but I did take some pictures of my makeup. My outfit was mostly casual. 214 more words

I'm Not A Girly Girl, I Swear