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Ghosts of Wardrobe's Past

Almost everyone has looked back at old photos of themselves and thought “what the hell am I wearing?” or “what was I thinking?”. Any photo of myself from the age of 10 til 18 induces this response. 466 more words

All Time Low's Weightless certified Gold after 5 years

From the release of All Time Low’s ‘Weightless’ single five years ago, it has now officially been certified Gold. It featured on the band’s full length album Nothing Personal, released in 2009 with Hopeless Records.  110 more words


Good days and bad eyesight

Today was actually a pretty good day. I got my report card back, and it was not totally awful! I’m predicted A, B, B and C (the C is in photography, which is mainly because I got a ‘satisfactory’ where my homework is concerned). 152 more words


Paint You Wings

This is 5/5 of my paintings, it is titled “Paint You Wings”. The title is taken from a song by All Time Low which was my main inspiration for this piece. 71 more words



This is 4/5 of my paintings, it is titled “Weightless”. The title is taken from the song “Weightless” by All Time Low which was my main inspiration for this piece.   75 more words


Update Schedule!

I will be updating every TUESDAY!

If not, then I will double update or update before Tuesday so you know that I’m alive :) 33 more words


VIP Packages: Good or Bad?

Alternative Press magazine recently asked its readers if bands should offer VIP tour packages to fans. An overwhelming (and unsurprising) 70% of respondents said “yes”. Rou Reynolds, frontman of Enter Shikari, instantly responded with this article: … 1,154 more words